We provide a safe home and family environment for moms and babies who find themselves homeless due to a wide variety of circumstances.

Our Home

Our residence provides its mothers and children with a private room and a family living environment complete with nursery, kitchen, computer-equipped study, dining, living and recreation rooms common to all. The home is staffed 24/7 by trained professionals who give the mothers the structure, responsibility and skills they need to achieve independent living.


Life Skills

Joseph's House staff design and implement life skills instruction and online self assessment tools for the mothers in our home that include lessons in nutrition, prenatal care, parenting, financial literacy, career planning, health education, chastity, social skills, and more.


Health Services

Mothers and children are assisted in procuring appropriate healthcare for both herself and child at nearby medical facilities and follow individual health plans overseen by physicians and monitored daily by Joseph's House staff.


Plans for Each Mother and Child

Homeless mothers and children have complex needs that involve multiple systems of care that are often fragmented and difficult to negotiate. A Joseph's House case manager will serve as an advocate, providing the caring glue that holds the systems together. A case manager will develop an individual plan which will be monitored at weekly progress meetings. 

Our mothers have experienced great loss, difficult transitions, trauma or maltreatment causing them to form unhealthy, insecure attachments in addition to other significant issues. To form strong and healthy attachments with their babies our mothers must experience positive relationships with caring adults. 

Plans are individualized and strength-based with emphasis on building personal assets and resiliency. Through intensive individual and group work, our mothers will prepare to create a safe, healthy and long term environment for themselves and their babies. 


Vocational/Educational Services

Trained staff meet with each resident upon admission and assist with enrollment in an educational program (in-house and/or community based) that matches her interests, abilities, and need for employment. Many of our potential residents have yet to graduate from high school. 


Spiritual Care

Our home has its own chapel. In treating the whole person, just as Jesus did, we encourage our mothers to consider the sacraments, scripture, prayer, retreats, and external church community as a good way to find understanding, forgiveness, healing, and new inner resources. 



The Exodus program supports Joseph's House mothers in their transition to independent living. Assistance includes help with transportation to and from appointments, grocery store, and laundry, as well as help with childcare on occasion. We are also able to assist moms in transition with budgeting, parenting, and time management as needed.

For information on how to interview with us please send us an email or give us a call at (315) 288-0319.