Right Where We All Belong

The Knights and Dames of the Order of Malta prepared a spectacular dinner for all of us at Joseph’s House!

The Knights and Dames of the Order of Malta prepared a spectacular dinner for all of us at Joseph’s House!

Happy Weekend My Friends,

It’s been a thrilling and busy week at Joseph’s House. Two new moms joined our home, exciting new jobs are beginning, new windows have been installed to keep all safe and warm and a special dinner was prepared and served this week making moms and staff feel like royalty. What a joyous week! A week making our staff as well as our moms realize, we are all right where we belong.

Joseph’s House is able to be the place for these young moms, their children and our staff to belong because of all the people out there supporting us. Renewal by Anderson and Chuck and Nancy Cometti who have gifted to us so many new windows throughout the years, once again sent their installers to repair and replace some of our largest windows. The Knights and Dames of Malta have also given us many most generous gifts providing us with warmth, safety and comfort for our residents in the past several years, and they made a special visit to us this week in service to all. Several Knights and Dames prepared and served a most magnificent dinner of beef tenderloin with potatoes, vegetables, salads and a beautiful “Choose Life” cake for dessert. The table settings and flowers along with the company made this a most impressive dinner and a once in a lifetime experience for many of our moms. Our resident moms and some of our Exodus moms shared their stories with these most gracious and generous Servants of God, speaking of how they found their way to Joseph’s House and the hardships we are helping them overcome. We are forever grateful to our friends from The Order of Malta as well our friends at Renewal by Anderson for all they sacrifice for the good of Joseph’s House and our moms and little ones. We are blessed to have them believe Joseph’s House is a place where their support is most appreciated and is a place right where they belong.

There was another very special night for our moms as Sue our most versatile Exodus Director who serves our ministry and our moms in the most admirable ways, took everyone shopping at Clothes Mentor in celebration of new jobs and the change of seasons. It was quite the fashion show as our most adorable moms modeled, posed and then purchased a few gently worn, “brand new to them” items to lift their spirits and give them a little extra boost of confidence for their new beginnings. Thank you, Sue, thank you to all our volunteers who watched the little ones and thank you to Clothes Mentor for staying open a little late for our moms to enjoy a special outing.

This past Wednesday one of our super daycare volunteers came in and spent a most memorable evening with the kids. Terry is an Occupational Therapist who has imaginative ways of teaching our little one’s new ways to think and interact with people and things around them. Terry and her husband have been great blessings to us serving Joseph’s House as a team as he helps in maintaining the house and she assists in having a great impact on our kids and their moms in her creative ways of helping all learn. Thank you to Terry and Tom for all you bring to Joseph’s House.

A young mom joining us Wednesday morning was found wandering through the house with a grin from ear to ear. When asked if she needed anything, she simply stared at her surroundings with wide eyes and said, “I am overwhelmed. I can’t believe I’m here. I can’t believe this house is here!” A little while later as she plopped happily unto her bed with a journal in her well-appointed room, the wide grin and wide eyes were still apparent because she could not believe she finally had a space to call her own. She was greatly satisfied and totally elated as she understood she found security, safety, peace and hope for her future and the future of her child at Joseph’s House. She finally found a home where she at long last feels, she is right where she belongs.

There are times in all our lives where we might feel lost, alone, and out of place. These are the times when Our Lord is calling to us to turn to Him. In the chaos and turbulence we experience, He begs us to look to Him, reach out for Him and listen to Him speak in our hearts, in our minds and in our souls. Jesus Christ is the way to finding our place in the world. He is the truth we long to hear. He is the light we need to guide us home, and He is the peace only found when abiding in His Most Sacred Heart. Our Lord has given us this magnificent home where all who visit sense His presence through the beauty of the architecture, in the warmth of the sturdy oak and in the glimmer of sunlight through stained glass. There is an abundance of peace wafting through the air, where lost young mothers sense His Presence, yet may not quite understand it is Jesus Christ who is making them smile and feel safe many times for the first time in their lives. It is His Presence at Joseph’s House that makes all feel welcome, all feel at home and makes us all know we are right where we should be.

But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal
— Matthew 6:20

Yes my friends, these young women and their children are right where they belong, and we who serve at Joseph’s House are right where we should be. What a blessing! What a joy! To find our place in God’s Kingdom through service to others, through investing ourselves in others and through teaching the love of Jesus Christ to others. To know we are doing what we are called to do, and to know so many of you are willing to help us in this most glorious work. Serving others for the Glory of God while always proclaiming His Truth will build treasure in Heaven for each one of us for eternity, and Heaven my friends is right where we all belong. God Bless You Always.

Love and Prayers,