Doing Little Things with Great Love

One of our selfless volunteers giving driving lessons to one of our moms, doing little things with great love!

One of our selfless volunteers giving driving lessons to one of our moms, doing little things with great love!

Our Lord does not so much look at the greatness of our actions, or even at their difficulty, as at the love with which we do them.
— St Therese of Lisieux

“St. Therese in her “Little Way” teaches that holiness can be attained daily in ordinary activities, in doing ‘little things with great love.”

This little way to sainthood is summed up beautifully in this prayer to the Little Flower who only lived until 23 years of age.

“St. Therese, Little Flower, grant that I may follow your Little Way through Mary to Jesus –– the way of simplicity, joy, meekness and humility of heart, devotion to my vocation, constant prayer, self-immolation, abandonment of my will to the Will of God and confidence and love in Jesus.”

We see all of the gifts mentioned above presented to us each and every day at Joseph’s House in the actions of all those serving our home. These gifts are most apparent in our volunteers as they rise early and stay late to care for our little ones so our moms are able to go to work and school. We witness the joy they bring to others in their eyes and their actions as they simply give of their time, speak quietly, sing joyfully, play with and read to these precious children God sent our way. These children who might not exist if not for this home.

We perceive the self-sacrifice and immolation of a most dedicated staff taking late-night phone calls from those in need, working weekends after a full week, giving up sleep to comfort a mom and rock a newborn and putting in more than their required time because of the charity filling their hearts and the required duty of their chosen vocation.

We notice the humility of heart and constant prayer in our most dedicated prayer warriors joining us month after month, no matter the weather, no matter their age or health because they are committed to this mission of life and love. Prayer warriors who know first-hand the sufferings of life and have learned how to use those sufferings in service to and in union with Our Lord for the good of others, for the good of Joseph’s House.

We at Joseph’s House, whether residing there or working there are the blessed beneficiaries of all those coming into our home to share their gifts, talents and prayers so we may serve those less fortunate than ourselves. These most loyal servants of God model to us and to our moms and children the Little Way of St. Therese of Lisieux, and yet many of them are not even aware they are impersonating the life of this great saint. They are not aware of the humility of their hearts, the meekness in their service or understand the work they so graciously share with us is a portrait of constant prayer. They are not aware in their service to others they are doing the Will of God.

As if all this goodness and grace is not enough, we are also blessed to behold the most sublime form of great love shared in little ways in the tenderness of a mom caring for her child. We take note of our young moms preparing dinners, doing their chores while dancing and giggling with others, totally unaware they are abandoning themselves to the work Our Lord asks of them, thus insuring their well-being. Their smiles and sheepish looks of thanks as they come to realize sometimes for the first-time ever, they are learning the true meaning of home, of love and of family. These young women who may not know the meaning of the word saint, at times are modeling a great saint as they do little things with great love in thanksgiving for what Joseph’s House shares with them.

There are people in our midst each and every day who are living the Little Way of St. Therese. They are people you know and people you don’t. They are the people who rather than screaming at you when you cut them off while driving, simply give you a wave and a smile. They are the people who forgive those who have hurt them even when no apology was given and no forgiveness was sought. They are the people who tenderly help an elderly person find something at the grocery store with a smile. They are the people who lend time, talent and treasure and expect nothing in return. These are people living the Little Way of the Little Flower, St. Therese of Lisieux, and at Joseph’s House we are blessed to encounter them every day.

Thank you, thank you thank you to all who volunteer, all who work and all who assist us in so many ways, to all of you who sacrifice yourselves in service to our moms and little ones. You most certainly are on the road to sainthood and give all of us something to ponder, something to remember and something to strive for each and every day, to always do little things with great love. God Bless you my friends.

Love & Prayers,