For the Love of Momma Mary

Marys Garden 2019
“……let us acclaim her “Holy Mother of God”. From her, let us allow ourselves to be gazed upon, to be embraced, to be taken by the hand. Especially in times of need, when we are entangled in life’s knots, we rightly lift our eyes to Our Lady, to Our Mother.”
— HOMILY OF HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS Vatican Basilica Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Happy Weekend My Friends,

I stopped early Friday morning to visit the beautiful garden pictured above where the journey to Joseph’s House has it’s foundation. As I stood there praying, a homeless man came running from the corner leaving his cart behind shouting, “You’re that lady! You’re the lady that put this here! I stop here everyday to pray, let me give you a hug!” I can admit to you most readily there was a time in my life I would have never spoken to a homeless person, let alone hug them, but this man had the light of Christ in his eyes and his hug made me feel whole in some strange way. He was joyful and as our conversation continued he told me a bit about his twenty years on the streets, his girlfriend and his prized possessions, an American flag and a pen with a flashlight on the end of it. I immediately thought of Matthew 18:3, And he said: "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” I understood this ragged man was a child of God in his sweet innocence and exuberance. He thanked me for the care we take of this little corner as I shared with him a colorful rosary. It was the very best part of my day as I realized the gifts bestowed upon me through this most humble man, and the depths of my love for my Momma Mary.

Friday August 16th was also the sixth anniversary of the event propelling Joseph’s House into existence. That evening Father Prior and I gathered all those hoping to learn about the vision of our mission in the poker parlor which has since become our Joseph’s House Chapel. We told them all of our hopes and dreams for this home and a story about the quiet millionaires living in every neighborhood in America. These quiet millionaires were people who had lived frugally, saved their money and found themselves with nowhere to leave their inheritance. We asked the people gathered this evening if the vision and mission shared with them touched their hearts, to go out and speak with their neighbors and all the people they knew and perhaps we would receive the $40,000 we needed within 4 days to purchase this magnificent home steeped in Catholic history.

I can remember clearly wondering what would happen next and was hope-filled, but not worried because I knew in no uncertain terms this home was to be the home of Joseph’s House. The next day a woman called and told me she wanted to give us $250,000 and would write a check on Monday for the first installment of $40,000. I thought to myself, God not only gave us what we needed to purchase our home, He also gave us more. I understood we were given this gift because we had listened to Him every treacherous step of the way, and stepped out continually in unmitigating faith against the volumes of naysayers who told us the house was too big, much too expensive and we could never succeed.

It’s been six years since that night and fifty-five babies who, may have been lost to abortion if not for this mission founded in God, have been saved and will forever call Joseph’s House their first home. It is not easy work, yet it is easily joy-filled and hope-filled as we look into the faces of young, innocent women entrusting themselves to us for our guidance and wisdom in building up themselves and teaching them a better way to raise their children. We call upon many resources and personal experiences to impart better rules of living to the precious children in our midst, but ultimately the guidance and wisdom we share with all those we are blessed to touch, comes through one heavenly source and that source is Our Mother Mary.

Over the years like many of our moms, I have struggled with anxiety, and depression. Hindsight being 20/20 I realize this was due to the abuse suffered as a child and the abortions I chose in my early twenties. I have anesthetized myself over the years with everything from alcohol, to binge eating, to shopping excessively. It took the near death of my younger son and the many years of his recovery to find my way home to Jesus Christ. I traveled this road holding the hand of my Momma Mary because I was too frightened to gaze into the eyes of My Heavenly Father for fear of the disappointments I had caused Him. My gracious Loving Mother led me to Reconciliation through Her Rosary Prayer and countless daily consecrations have assisted me in knowledge of Her ways. Whenever I am fearful, disillusioned or begin to feel as though the battle is hopeless and everyone is against me, I recount the miracles of my son’s recovery and the miracles that have taken place in the building of this mission. I no longer seek comfort through drinking, binging or shopping, but rather I run to Mary. I give all my sufferings to Her for my love of Her because in Her graciousness She receives the sufferings of Her children as great gifts. As I bury myself in Her Mantle and weep in Her Consoling Arms, I ask Her to lay my sufferings at the Feet of Her Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and convert them into graces to be showered over those most in need of Her Maternal Love.

“Let us run to Mary, and, as her little children, cast ourselves into her arms with a perfect confidence.”
— Saint Francis de Sales

Those in need of the Maternal Love and Graces of Our Mother Mary are many. They are not only the homeless, the helpless, the hungry and the immigrant, but they are people like you and me. I believe sometimes we are in more need than those mentioned above because unlike my friend from the garden, we have lost our child-like innocence. We have become blinded by all we possess and command, and our egos make us believe we understand unequivocally the ways of Our Lord. I will tell you quite honestly my friends, the ways of the Lord are rarely logical, in fact they are so illogical they are the foundation of miracles. And Joseph’s House has most certainly been founded in miracles. We only need to take the time to remember them.

I have been blessed over the last seven years to be a part of this mission born through the love of Momma Mary for me Her prodigal daughter. All I do or attempt to do is for love of Her, in thanksgiving to Her and to bring others into the Kingdom of God. Every step taken is directed to me through a spiritual director who’s wisdom I have followed since 2010. I promise Our Lady daily, as I promise all of you I will follow the Will of God and continue the uphill battle for the love of Her and for the Glory of Her Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. I will carry any cross gifted by the King of Heaven that leads to saving innocent lives and bettering the world for damaged young mothers through the ministry of Joseph’s House. We ask for your prayers and support for this mission of life and love as we pray for all of you as well. God Bless you my friends.

Love & Prayers,