Embracing Change

Do not fear the changes of life, God, whose very own you are, will deliver you out of them all. He has kept you hitherto and he will lead you safely through all things . And when you cannot stand it, God will bury you in his arms.
— St. Francis de Sales
Me and Javi

Happy Sunday My Friends,

Change is a constant at Joseph’s House. New moms coming in, new babies being born. Then there are moms leaving us after extended periods ready to spread their wings to re-unite with family and begin independent living. Moms and little ones we have become so attached to, they take away with them pieces of our hearts as we have grown to love them and their children as our own.

Genie and Jamal

There are changes with the little ones themselves as they grow learning to move, speak, joke and light up our lives in the most memorable ways. There are moms we have worked hard for, sacrificed for, who are not quite ready for the structure we are asking them to live within, who’s departures cause sleepless nights and restless hearts. There are volunteers and staff who have become part of our family and after years of service must depart. All in all, there is joy, there is heartbreak, there is movement forward and back and many times we might feel we are barely keeping our heads above water trying to keep all the moving parts going in the right direction.

Kimmy's birthday

Yet in the midst of all of this change, all this turbulence which for some causes doubt, angst and reeling, we find God. We find Him in a most dedicated staff who continue to move mountains for our moms and kids as they answer the call of Jesus for their lives. We find Him in old friends we do not hear from often but who are still praying for us fervently so we might do all Our Lord asks of us. We find Him in the mini miracles of meeting entirely by accident people we have only dreamed of meeting who then want to know more about us. We find Him in the murmurs of a cloistered nun who through her soft words makes us understand what we are pondering as stepping out faith, is God’s truth and Holy Will.  

What we have come to learn over the years at Joseph’s House is change is good for our faith. Change is a catalyst for more dependence on God. Change is a rake that stirs up the soil of our souls preparing them for new seed filled with new ideas from the Sower who is Jesus Christ, thus giving us the knowledge the seed He is sowing is His Holy Will for our ministry.  The seed as it germinates and sprouts, ignites within us a fire triggering the engines of our hearts and our imaginations providing the impetus for us to go outside the parameters of our earthly intellect and travel in humanly incomprehensible directions. Change tests our resolve, gives us grace under pressure and prepares us for trials we may face in the future.

To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often.
— Bl. John Henry Cardinal Newman

Change is good, albeit uncomfortable and at times disappointing to the point of being unbearable, and yet, it is an incentive to gain patience, perseverance and fortitude and has the ability to make us all saints. Change is a magnet used by Our Lord to attract us to Him so we learn to surrender our direction totally to Him as we come to understand we can’t possibly handle all the crossroads before us alone.  Change is a gift from God He gives to test us, to make us stronger, to purify us so we might more closely resemble His perfection. Change breeds trust, hope and joy as we come to learn by navigating through it, He is right there by our side.

So, as we move forward each and every day encountering detours and unexpected problems, instead of being angered by the inconvenience of it all, let us resolve to take a deep breath and think about what Heaven is protecting us from, or what new direction Our Lord has in store. Let us always search in hope for the silver lining in the cloud that change hangs over our heads as we remember, Jesus is always there to show us the way should we simply take the time to ask and seek the new path He has planned for us. Our prayer today and everyday could be to embrace change so we might see how it is able to advance our mission and better our lives. Let us all consider giving that prayer a try! God Bless you my friends.

Love & Prayers.