The Holy Moments of Joseph's House

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What is a Holy Moment? A holy moment is when you make yourself completely available to God. You set self interest aside, you set aside what you want to do or feel like doing, and for that moment you do exactly what you sense God is calling you to do. The saints were masterful at taking the ordinary, everyday events of life and turning them into holy moments.
— Matthew Kelly- Dynamic Catholic

Happy Sunday My Friends,

Busy, busy, busy, that’s what summer is for many and exactly how it has been at Joseph’s House. In the midst of the busyness there have been the graces of witnessing holy moments given as gifts from others who have no idea they are creating and gifting holy moments at all. You might wonder how that is possible, but I would say holy moments are also spontaneous actions of kindness, random acts of gratefulness and thanks to others given from warm hearts and generous souls.

With 7 moms and 11 little ones, unsolicited kindness and gratefulness are observed daily. Summer break has filled our daycare and trips to and from Vacation Bible Schools have been many. The tiny voices of our 2 and 3-year-olds shouting our names as we approach daycare or our older kids when they see us coming to pick them up from VBS, gives us the longing and hope we can give them happiness and protection forever. A tiny toddler who spots you and runs around the corner to hide from you babbling joyously because he recognizes you and knows this kind of hide and seek is a special game the two of you share. Little text messages received from Exodus moms with words of thanks because once again Joseph’s House was there when she had a problem no one else would help her with and she is forever grateful. Colored pictures, poetic words, and tiny flowers from a mom facing many complicated issues as she wraps her arms around you and thanks you, letting you know she realizes no one in her entire life has ever gone to the lengths Joseph’s House has to assist her, to care for her, to love her. Radiant, wistful, cherubic faces glowing in carefree innocence as they run and play in the safety of our boundaries.

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All of these gracious blessings from those we serve are holy moments returned to us from God for all the holy moments we have given to Him in the building of and our service to His Mission. They are holy moments given freely and spontaneously from little children and their mothers, given to us from those Our Lord sends our way and who many times have no understanding of what holy is or holy moments are.


As a result, others responding to God’s grace bless us and more holy moments occur. Just two weeks ago alumni from Notre Dame University held a baby shower for our moms at the house. It was the perfect day for an outdoor picnic and the moms and kids as well as the staff enjoyed a glorious day of sunshine, giggles and good company. We are forever grateful to Rebecca Croucher who graciously organized the day with our House Manager Karen and to Pat Brusa for putting up and taking down the tent he lent to us. Also, a special thank you to Father Cliff Auth from St. Mary’s in Baldwinsville who took time out of a busy schedule to celebrate mass in our lovely little chapel. The abundance of gifts and goodies lit up the faces of our moms and kids who very often have never had brand-new possessions of their own. The offering of mass and the celebration of the Holy Eucharist created many more memorable moments as the chapel was filled with moms, kids, staff and friends. Thank you to all who attended and graciously gifted us with their presence at this special event.

Notre Dame
The brilliant and beautiful truth is you are just as capable of collaborating with God to create holy moments as the saints were.
— Matthew Kelly - Dynamic Catholic

So, my friends here is the challenge. Let us try this week to take those moments when we are struggling or want to give into our temptations and turn them into holy moments. It’s as easy as holding our tongue when we are angry with someone. It’s as easy as saying a Hail Mary helping us walk away from indulging in dessert, social media, or shopping. It is as easy as getting up a little early and reading and meditating upon a bible verse rather than sleeping in. It is as easy as giving up your morning run for daily mass and strengthening your soul which will live for eternity rather than your body which will one day turn to dust. I will promise you for every holy moment you give to Our Lord, He will double down and give you more holy moments from people you know well, and people you may not know at all, as that is the wonder of heaven and the glory of God. The reward is great and the joy insurmountable when we simply strive to look for and think of Jesus in all we do. May God bless all of you as you search for holy moments to give to Him and to others today, tomorrow and forever.

Love & Prayers,