Counting the Baby Steps

Baby Steps

The success of the moms at Joseph’s House depends upon accepting a series of changes to their lives. The most important changes to begin the journey of independence and success is a young woman’s willingness to work hard, follow the rules and give up habits that have held her back in the past. Although this may sound impossible for many, we have seen first-hand it is possible with the correct amount of maturity, resilience and surrender. We have had the blessing of witnessing to many stubborn yet courageous women as they come to understand giving up their freedom in some small ways means gaining their freedom in bigger ones. This seems to happen most often when all are inclined and prepared to work in implements, when all are willing to take baby steps.

Baby steps are the stepping stones for all of us to change our not so endearing proclivities and improve our lives. Whether it is to regain our health, to improve our job skills, attain a diploma, grow in our faith or begin a mission, everything starts in increments linked together by momentum, sometimes building slowly and methodically and other times building very quickly. There is often times a dilemma that occurs as the increments and baby steps take us down a path where we try to ascertain if what we are attempting to achieve is founded in God, backed up by need, and is logical in an infinite number of ways.

We have learned with Joseph’s House often times the paths to success defy logic, not only for our moms but for the growth of our ministry. For the moms, these paths are created in unexpected ways, at times through a single conversation, hastening their resolve to succeed thereby pushing them uphill from a long-standing plateau. For our mission, the unexpected introduction of a person met after a Baby Bottle Drive or through a tour, may be the catalyst for growth simply because Our Lord has been leading our paths to intersect in small increments and by baby steps for several months, or perhaps even several years. Many such people have appeared time and time again at Joseph’s House and through their gifts have been the basis for moms to find a road to success leading them to lives of independence. These same people are also often the manifestation of answered prayers giving us opportunities to grow our mission and to move forward following the lead of Jesus.

Circumstances like those mentioned above occur because God has been working in the lives of all of us and all who come to us in increments and baby steps since before He formed us in our mothers’ wombs. He has been opening the doors of our hearts, widening the parameters of our minds and expanding the depth of love in our souls throughout our entire lives so many lost children might find a way to Him because of the good works He has planned. He has been lining things up, getting ducks in a row and bringing the pieces of an intricate puzzle together sometimes slowly and other times quickly, to create a community of love, respect and service to those most in need.

My hope and prayer for all of you is to recognize the working of God through the increments and baby steps in your own lives. As you reflect on all the coincidences leading you to the place you now reside, you will see in hindsight how Our Lord works straight with crooked lines. You will see where you veered off His intended path and come to understand how He put you back on course despite some poor decisions. You will see clearly the difference between the ease of following God’s plan for life and the turbulence when insisting upon following your own. You will be able to undeniably embrace the belief that giving up your personal freedom in small ways results in gaining God’s freedom in bigger and better ways. As the twists and turns of all this contemplation become clear, seeds of gratitude will be scattered and take root deep within you and you will come to comprehend Our Lord’s purpose in giving us rules to follow, bumpy roads to travel, as well as the consummate love He has for each and every one of you. Enjoy the memories my friends, take stock of the increments, count the baby steps and be grateful! God Bless you always.

Love & Prayers,