Saying “Yes” to Our Heavenly Father

Jesus saying “Yes” to His Heavenly Father as He accepts and receives His Cross

Jesus saying “Yes” to His Heavenly Father as He accepts and receives His Cross

It’s Holy Week and as always, the meditations on Christ’s Passion run deep. A favorite meditation of mine are the Stations of the Cross and this week especially they are at the forefront of my thoughts. They are remembered while praying the Rosary no matter what mysteries are meditated upon. They are pondered while praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet. They are recalled and contemplated when unforeseen difficulties present themselves at home, in the health of loved ones, in the hurts suffered through the words and actions of others, and in the day to day difficulties confronted by our moms at Joseph’s House.

Life is hard my friends as I’m sure you all know, but as one looks at a Crucifix the question of why do we suffer is answered as we identify Perfection thoroughly desecrated before us. How is it possible for one to comprehend the depth of His pain or the depth of despair of His Most Impeccable Mother?  How is it possible for man to perpetrate such unfathomable cruelty towards his fellow man?  How is it even conceivable one human could torture another to this extent? And yet it happened to the Faultless One, the Flawless One, as He said ‘yes’ to God the Father because He loves us so abundantly He wants nothing more than to spend eternity with us in Heaven.  Jesus said “yes” and Mary said “yes” to what They knew would be the most excruciating suffering because They conformed themselves to the Will of God the Father for love of us. Could you do what Jesus did? Could you sacrifice your child to crucifixion as Our Lady did and watch him die for the love of others?

No matter the blackness of our souls, the hardness of our hearts, or the callous indifference of our spirits, Jesus is here to die for us all over again each and every day. He dies and is resurrected each time we share in the Holy Sacrifice of the mass. We partake of His Divinity in our worthy reception of the Most Holy Eucharist. We carry His perfection within our imperfection as His Divinity pumps through our veins making our hearts skip a beat as we are immersed and flooded by His Presence within us.

This may be a way of beginning to say “yes” to Jesus and to Consecrate ourselves to Him daily through the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother. It may be the way we come to understand what God is asking of us in this life. And so if you are searching for knowledge, understanding and wisdom in saying ”yes” to God, perhaps a good place to begin is by meditating on The Passion of Jesus, meditating on The Stations of the Cross, meditating on the physical sufferings of  the wounds to His Body and meditating on His emotional suffering caused by the loneliness and despair endured as He was abandoned by His best friends, His Apostles and His disciples.

As one goes deeper into these meditations, it is nearly impossible not to understand why we imperfect ones have sufferings and difficulties in our own lives. As one’s eyes are opened and we are able to grasp the logic of the sufferings in our lives, it is easier to unite our sufferings to those of Our Lord’s and to the sufferings of His Mother, Our Blessed Mother.

This is a way of saying “yes’ to Jesus my friends, and once one begins, one may never go back because the union consummated in an alliance and one on one relationship with Jesus is the most glorious experience ever realized. It is a path to holiness and joy making one fearless in pursuit of perfection, no matter what others may think. It is the beginning of detachment from material needs and the taming of one’s passions. It is quite simply the beginning of an extraordinary journey culminating in the understanding of the depths and profound transcendence of the love of God for us, His most prodigal children. God Bless you my friends.

Wishing you a Most Blessed Holy Week and Easter.

Love & Prayers,