Five Years of Joseph's House

Our First Joseph’s House Mom and Baby

Our First Joseph’s House Mom and Baby

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St Patrick’s Day always means three things, many celebrations, green everywhere including the beer and St. Joseph’s Day is right around the corner. As we approach this St. Joseph’s Day, we are also approaching the 5th anniversary of Joseph’s House. Hard to believe it’s been 5 years since we welcomed our first Joseph’s House baby in April of 2014 while this month of March of 2019, we welcomed our 51st newborn baby. God is good my friends and His works are most stunningly apparent to all of us every day through the trials, tribulations, joys and celebrations of the lost souls He sends our way.

Our moms and babies have been busy this past few weeks sledding, celebrating birthdays, and going out to high school plays while continually working on improving their lives in many different ways. We have moms working full time and going to school full time while juggling multiple children. Moms working hard to overcome addiction, eating disorders and abusive relationships with family and with the fathers of their children. Exodus moms who continue to reach new goals giving them the inspiration to keep trudging along even when the going is tough. These are difficult courses for all to navigate, but most difficult when one is all alone. Most of these moms are truly alone except for the family they have come to know in and through Joseph’s House.

This past Tuesday we were visited by some of the students from Holy Cross Academy. They are so touched by the work we do and the women and children in the house, they have held a Baby Bottle drive for us and are coming back to assist with some child care and spring cleanup.

As these young people were finishing lunch on Tuesday, I ran up-stairs to get my phone for a photo and when I arrived downstairs again, the dining room was all cleaned up and empty and everything was quiet. I walked through the front hall into the chapel and there they were, 23 kids and their 4 chaperones down on their knees, Rosaries in hand in silence before Our Lord Jesus Christ. This scene had a profound impact, taking my breath away as in all the years we have been in our home I have never witnessed anything like this before. When I offered chairs I was told, “We are Franciscan, our knees are fine.” Talk about humility and having hearts, minds and souls directed to heaven. As I knelt down with my Rosary the gratefulness in my heart for being allowed to be a part of all of this was immense as I knew what I was partaking in was a gift from God. It was also confirmation our mission will continue into the future. This is the future we want for the children of Joseph’s House and for their mothers. We want them to have what these young people have been blessed to come to know. We want them to understand the Love God has for them as well as our love for them and it is the reason why each and every day we strive to show everyone living in our home, the same love we show to our own children, simply because these lost children of God have no knowledge love of this kind exists.

As Peter, John, and James look up to the mountaintop
and see the transfigured Jesus radiating like a star,
God makes a promise: “This is my chosen Son.”
The Father asks us to put our faith in Christ: “Listen to him.”  
—  From March 17th Magnificat and today’s Holy Gospel according to Luke

This work is our passion, it is our joy, it is our strength and it is our salvation for as long as Our Lord in Heaven shows us the way. It has transfigured us so we are keenly aware of the promptings of Christ. We have become adept at following every single, tiny inspiration given to us. We have found as we continue to step out in search of ways to fulfill these promptings and these inspirations, miracles appear a thousand-fold in unimaginable ways. Each day we are astounded how our thoughts that sometimes are not even really prayers, are answered and confirmed in the most unexpected and unassuming ways making them almost invisible to some, but beacons of light and assurance to those gifted with eyes to see. These truths make our work on behalf of Our Lord always exciting, ever evolving, and forever extending our comfort zones.  

Over the last few months as I have reflected on the miracles that are the foundation of this mission, I am more in awe of the grace of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ than ever. He gives us precisely what we need when we need it and the courage and perseverance to handle the difficulties, the humiliations and the impatience of many who doubt we are of God. As God chose St. Joseph to be our mentor and our guardian, He also send us people hand-picked by Jesus to lead us into the future. We are forever grateful to all of those who have helped in the founding of this mission, many of whom still serve us in a multitude of ways. We are dazzled and amazed by the depths of their devotion, and the devotion of all who have served us in our past and those serving us today in so many diverse ways, to the unborn and to our mission of Joseph’s House.

Please pray for us as we head into another year of being the hands and feet of Jesus for His mission of Joseph’s House. Our never-ending hope is to transform the lives and transfigure the depths of love in the hearts of all those we serve so they might put their faith and futures into the hands of Jesus Christ and radiate His grace like a shining star. We also hope and pray for all the same transformations and graces for each and everyone of you and your families. God Bless you my friends!

Love & Prayers,