It’s been a celebratory week at Joseph’s House. Baby Showers celebrating the gift of new life, new schools and new possibilities for our pre-k kids, a fun night at a Crunch game and the realization that each and every person spoken to this week share our concerns and feelings of the horrendous legislation put forth in the State of New York by our governor and legislatures. People are enraged and disgusted by the vile comments of the governor of Virginia and the efforts being made in many other states to enact this satanic law. As if all of what we heard this past week is not enough, we now have doctors promoting abortion after birth. In other words, murdering a newborn child.

Abortion is largely accepted even for reasons that do not have anything to do with the fetus’ health. By showing that (1) both fetuses and newborns do not have the same moral status as actual persons, (2) the fact that both are potential persons is morally irrelevant .
— From After Birth Abortion, Why Should the Baby Live?

Look at the photo above and know Joseph’s House is the antithesis of the above quote and what took place in legislative chambers in our state last week. Contemplate the differences between the joy above and the hate speech spewed by our governor concerning pro-life people.

Do you see the contrast? Do you see we are hope-filled while Mr. Cuomo and his cronies are hate-filled? Can you see how we are the positive and they are the negative? Do you understand we are in the fight of our lives for our future because if we continue voting people like this into office, they will kill off our grandparents and parents by euthanasia and our children through contraception and abortion?  Margaret Sanger the founder of planned parenthood was a eugenicist as was Hitler. She built her clinics in poor, black neighborhoods in the hopes of aborting a whole race out of existence. Her views on birth control and abortion have caused a Demographic Winter in China, all over Europe and now in the United States of America. We have come to the point where we are euthanizing, aborting and contracepting ourselves out of existence.

Quite honestly this evil is having some positive results our legislators never saw coming. It has exposed many to the true agenda of the liberal, progressive people in our government. It has made many realize, including many who are pro-choice, abortion is out of control. It is enlightening people to the fact that late term abortion has been a part of our law since the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions of 1973. Liberals are so afraid these laws will be overturned by our Supreme Court at the federal level, they are pushing through the same legislation at the state level.

Here is the Good News. All people are enraged. I know many of you are and have spoken to many pro-choice people feeling the same. Many people who have never spoken on this issue before are digging in and speaking out as they see the evil and the insanity now in a way they never witnessed before. In the wake of all of this negativity, here is an example of one of the many positives.

With the passing of the extended abortion law here in NY and the bill that was presented in VA and the statements made by their governor it is clear what the goal is with these people. I think it’s more than aborting baby’s, I think it’s to remove God from people’s life. Because with God, there are laws more powerful than theirs.  And how can they rule over us if we have a God more powerful than them.  It seems so clear to me. Innocent babies are just collateral damage.  

My financial contribution is my small way of having my voice be heard.  You are providing help and a true alternative for woman who really don’t want to have an abortion but don’t know what else to do.

God is working through you all, and love always wins.

At Joseph’s House we know we are of God. We understand without God there are no limits to the depths of depravity the human race can sink. Our friend above is quite correct in believing the ultimate goal of many people controlling our government at every level as well as our educational institutions from pre-k to the most prestigious of universities, is to rid society of God because belief in Him impedes their freedoms. If only they had the wisdom to understand true freedom is found only in God, with God, through God and in working for God!

Joseph’s House has a very exciting, positive vision for the future. Everything we hope, plan and pray we will be able to accomplish in the future celebrates life, celebrates family, celebrates education, celebrates love and celebrates the Glory of God. Our mission will always be to overcome this hatred for God’s creation through our work and to turn the tide of bigotry directed at all generations in this country. We will make our voices heard for every facet of life. We ask for your prayers, we ask for your support, we ask you to consider praying at planned parenthood, joining us for monthly mass, writing to all your legislators at every level of government to let them know you support life. We ask you to educate yourselves on the beliefs and values of all those you vote for, even those running for your Board of Education and your local governments because those same people may one day be your state legislators, congressmen or senators.

We can only change the future by giving birth to our children and raising them with love, respect and faith in God and helping those without family to become members of our own. We have everything encompassing the truth and love of Jesus at Joseph’s House and that is why


God Bless you my friends,

Love & Prayers,