The Impact of Joseph's House

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Finally, there is the most important component in building our fortitude and instilling us with the ability to impact so many, the place where dynamism is received through Heaven propelling us forward.....
— HS

There are weeks in this mission where quite honestly, we wonder why we do what we do. Moms and kids are not always appreciative or happy. Staff and volunteers get overwhelmed and exhausted and pleadings to Our Lord seem to be unheard. Thank God there are also MORE weeks like this one where we see, hear and feel first-hand the impact of this mission on those inside as well as outside our home.

This past week there were many accomplishments some might consider small however in the lives of the young women calling Joseph’s House home, they are milestones. When we see our moms learning and then executing new ways to handle bumps in the road, anxiety issues, and make solid efforts at being consistent in parenting their children, we know we are on the right path to helping them truly change the ways of their past.

Then there are visits to other life-saving programs where we hear from people we admire, people whose work we consider heroic and most imperative, where we are told they love our program and want to partner with us. These meetings, while pumping us with enthusiasm and making us realize God IS hearing and answering our pleadings, also confirm the knowledge our work is most important, the need for it is always increasing, and we must continue to pursue new avenues of assistance for all those encountering unplanned pregnancy, homelessness, impossible circumstances and child rearing on their own.

As if all of this isn’t enough, there are ever increasing visits and notes from students and young people where we see the beauty of pro-life belief blossoming profusely making us understand there is a bright future for missions like ours. We recently heard a story about a 16 year-old preparing for Confirmation and the letter he wrote to Bishop Cunningham explaining to the Bishop how his mom’s involvement with Joseph’s House has changed his life and given him a new perspective. This young man seems to have an improved attitude and more appreciation for his mom and his family because of the eye-opening effects of this ministry. There is also the enthusiasm of the students pictured above from Holy Cross Academy in Oneida, their warm reception, impressive Baby Bottle Drive and most heart-warming notes of thanks, allowing us to see the impact of Joseph’s House has no bounds and will carry on for years to come.

Finally, there is the most important component in building our fortitude and instilling us with the ability to impact so many, the place where dynamism is received through Heaven propelling us forward. Our monthly mass gatherings where our union with Jesus, Mary and Joseph through the reception of the Eucharist followed by an hour of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, are our most empowering driving forces . In those moments where we bow our heads to Christ, offer all we are and all we have to Him and where we receive His Divinity within our own bodies, Heaven comes to earth to penetrate us and fills us to overflowing. This time in prayer instills us with a faith so deep, so pure, so viable, we bound out of our beautiful chapel like little children inebriated with staggering amounts of hope and joy. A hope and joy fueling our determination, perseverance and commitment to Jesus and His mission of Joseph’s House. We do not exist without Jesus, without the mass, without the Eucharist, without prayer and without Adoration in thanks and praise of Our Lord Almighty.

No moment spent in My presence is without value. Every moment given Me is precious in My sight and becomes fruitful for the whole Church. It is not a question of quantity, of spending long hours in My presence when the duties of one’s state in life require something else. What I ask instead is the moment of pure adoration and of love offered to Me from a simple, childlike heart. Just as a mother takes as much delight in a single wildflower offered by her child as in a great bouquet of flowers, so too do I take delight in the moment offered Me out of love.

Begin, then, by offering Me what you can. You will see that I will move you to add moment to moment, until you are giving Me all the time of adoration and of love that I desire from you. Too many souls are discouraged when they attempt to pray. They think, wrongly, that unless they undertake much, they should undertake nothing. And so they abandon prayer and leave Me alone, leave Me waiting for their little moment of presence, a consolation to My Heart.

Give Me the little moment of adoration and of love and I will multiply it, making it possible for you to give Me an hour of adoration and of love, as they become available in your life, and as I ask them of you. Too many souls try to do too much, and end up doing nothing. It is better to begin by doing what is very little, and by entrusting that little offering to Me, confident that I will receive it and turn it to My glory and to the glory of the Father.
— In Senu Jesu

I would ask you all who are far away from God at this moment to recommit yourselves to His Divine assistance. If you are Catholic and not attending mass, please go to Reconciliation and find your way back to peace, where the emptiness felt in your life, in your heart, mind and soul will be filled with the friendship and consolations of Jesus Christ. If someone like me is able to muster the courage for this grace from God and has been truly forgiven, I know you are able as well. And should you feel the need to speak about this and I can help in any way, please feel free to contact me through our website at

My promise to God for all the ways He has blessed my life is to let as many people as possible know about His longing to call all of us home to share in His love, His mercy and the Glory of His Presence impacting as many souls as He wishes to send my way. I am here to help you and Joseph’s House is here as well. God Bless you my friends!

Love & Prayers,