Celebrating 50 Gifts of Life!

It’s been another busy week at Joseph’s House and one that started in the best way possible- with welcoming another new life into the world! The 50th newborn baby to call Joseph’s House home was born early this week. 50 of God’s most precious gifts that got a chance at a better life because of Joseph’s House.

This gift from God was welcomed to the Joseph’s House family at exactly the time it was needed most. This was a difficult week for those who belief in the sanctity and dignity of Life as New York State passed and enacted the Reproductive Health Act. Another woman served and child born, a life saved because places like Joseph’s House exist. The RHA expands the abortion laws in NYS and creates a stark and sobering reminder of the gravity and importance of the work we do at Joseph’s House. The work that includes the love that we give to each person who crosses our path or enters our home. The love modeled after the love that Christ has for all of us.. The dignity of each and every person that comes to call upon us for help. The value and uniqueness of each and every human life and the understanding that God knew them before they were formed in their mothers womb and that God has a plan for their lives.

I share with you the words of Bishop Cunningham on the enactment of this legislation and ask you to join us as we pray for the conversion of the hearts so that all of God’s children will receive the dignity and protection they deserve. Keep the faith and preach the Gospel of Life. If it helps save one of God’s most precious creations, then it is worth all cost. One more soul saved. One more live given a fighting chance. Joseph’s House will be there to provide the love and support necessary to see them thrive.:

New York State has failed women and their unborn babies by passing and signing the Reproductive Health Act. As Catholics, we must continue to preach the Gospel of life. We must also continue to work towards policies that protect and uphold the dignity of all human life, from the moment of conception to natural death. Here in the Diocese of Syracuse, we will continue to offer resources, services, and support for any woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Today, I not only call upon the faithful to pray, but to assist me in spreading the word about the resources available to any woman considering an abortion. I am grateful to pro-life New Yorkers who made their voices heard in an effort to stop the expansion of our state’s already far too expansive abortion laws. Please join me in prayer for a conversion of hearts for those celebrating this horrific moment in history.
— Bishop Cunningham

God bless you,