Joseph's House The Happy Place


Happy Sunday My Friends!

And Happy Everyday when you are immersed in the work of Joseph’s House! The unprecedented joy obtained through working with these most remarkable, most resilient young women and becoming a part of their life, a part of their family is the most rewarding experience one could ever imagine. When I ask myself “Why” is this so, I come to understand the answer is manifested in the love Our Lord has for each and every member of His creation. As we love Him more, He increases our capacity to love everyone around us more, and as we love others more the love becomes contagious and radiates outward and envelops others in the most magnificent way so that is palpable, visible and draws people into its light.

What a great gift to be given, to understand the depths of God’s love for each and every one of us. To understand the more we give, the more will be given to us. To witness first hand the way the lives and attitudes of these young moms change when they come to understand we will not desert them. We will not forget them. We will not abuse them or use them in any way. When they come to understand our only purpose is to teach them and surround them with respect, with faith and love and enhance their self-worth so they come to believe they are cherished by us and by Our Lord in Heaven.

I miss you guys so much. I may struggle day to day to keep afloat, but you and everyone at Joseph’s House give me the strength to push and be brave doing so. You brought me back to God. I love you guys.
— JH Exodus Mom

We are awestruck daily as we were yesterday when a mom, her husband and her children went out of their way to return to us before leaving the country. It is a great blessing to see them healthy, happy and thriving knowing Joseph’s House was integral to their growth. We are awestruck when we witness one of our oldest toddlers prepare for his first day of school and walk off in the morning with his mom to the very same building where she is taking classes to obtain her GED. We are awestruck when one of our very successful Exodus moms volunteers her time off to come and assist us in manning a table at one of our upcoming events. We are awestruck when a mom praises God and Joseph’s House in a Facebook post. We are awestruck when an email or phone call is answered and we realize the response was an answer to a prayer. God holds us captive daily as He mesmerizes us with miracles always encouraging us to move forward, always encouraging us to go out on a limb to serve His most precious children. We will always work to never disappoint Him!

We have so many special happenings to share with you this month of October, Respect Life month, the month of The Most Holy Rosary. The excitement begins with three Baby Bottle drives next weekend at Immaculate Conception in Fayetteville, Sacred Heart in Cicero and Blessed Sacrament in Eastwood. The following weekend we are at St. Mary’s in Baldwinsville with more Baby Bottles and at the Parade of Homes all through October. There is another Baby Bottle Drive the last weekend of October at St. Francis in Marcellus along with the Catholic Women’s Conference and the conference dinner held the night before in our home.

We will also be kicking off our “At Home With Joseph’s House” video event within the next week or two. You will hear first hand from our newest Exodus mom who recently moved into our first Joseph’s House transitional apartment. She will share with you her courageous story of choosing life for her second child and all the ways Joseph’s House has been the avenue through which she found a hope-filled new beginning for herself and her children. She is proof of the words, “Joseph’s House is changing lives two generations at a time.”

We hope to see you at one of these upcoming events and we ask you to share the good news of our mission with others remembering always while our home runs 24/7/365, so does our fundraising run 24/7/365.  We take no state, federal, Diocesan or Hope Appeal monies. This is unheard of in most maternity homes or homeless shelters and makes us unique in the city of Syracuse. Our funding comes from and through the generosity of all of you, through your prayers as well as through your spreading the word and sending monetary gifts.

We  offer our prayers of thanksgiving to you for helping us continue this most rewarding work, this most crucial work, this work which is a mission of life given to us to preserve, to protect and to grow according to Will of Christ.

God Bless you my friends!

Love & Prayers,