"It's Been a Good Week"

Another week has gone by at Joseph’s House and there continues to be amazing blessings bestowed upon this mission of life and love. This time of year is extremely busy for Joseph’s House as we’re preparing for many events and fundraisers for this year and next. With many weekend events and engagements, these updaets may be a little bit brief in the coming weeks but hopefully we’ll be able to continue to show you the wonderful good news of the continued success of our moms.

This week we had the first mom in our program to take advantage of our Driver’s Education program. Through the generous support of the Auer Family Foundation, we can assist the moms in our home, and our Exodus moms, obtain their driver’s licenses from permits through driver’s tests. This mom in particular has been working hard and is contiuing her education so that she can continue to take her life towards independence.

image1 - Copy.jpeg

We also began filming a short video update that will be shared with you all soon. Filming something like this is always an adventure. Finding the perfect location for shooting, preparing all the equipment, educating the filmmakers on our mission and the messgae we want to convey all always take longer than expected. As the time builds so does the anticipation and excitement. When the residents of our home, or in this case one of our Exodus moms, are interviewed, we learn more and more about the all emcompassing impact that Joseph’s House has had on their lives. We learn more and more about the challenges of their past. Most rewarding though, is hearing that in their time at Joseph’s House, they’ve learned that God exists and has a plan for their lives.

When they surrender their will and start to understand that God’s plan for them includes them being right where they are in their lives- sometimes that means being a resident of Joseph’s House. This deep an understanding and revelation has happened and when it does, that resident is truly able to excel. This step aids them in shedding the necessary baggage they’ve been carrying for years and starts to build their lives on a new foundation.

We ended our week with Mass celebrated in the chapel in our home. The home feels even more alive when the faithful gather for Mass and Adoration. There is an indescribable feeling when you’re attending Mass and the muffled cries and laughs of the children from other areas of the house are heard. The muffled cries and laughs that are only possible because of His love for our mission, His love for our residents and His blessings that are showered upon us every day. Through the ups and downs of the stresses of the week, I couldn’t help but think that God was looking upon our home and thinking “It’s been a good week.”

God Bless,