Another Milestone at Joseph's House!

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There have been many memorable days in the history of Joseph’s House and many times so many wonderful things happen in the course of a day, or week its difficult to keep track of them all. This has been one of those most memorable weeks filled with memorable days. 

Thursday evening we welcomed our 49th new born child into the world and on Saturday we welcomed her into her very first home at Joseph's House. The young mom has been with us just two weeks and is happy to be in a loving supportive atmosphere as she takes on motherhood for the first time. This is always the best news to share as there is nothing greater than knowing the work we are doing by the grace of God is helping others and saving lives.

Another mom is ready to begin her college career this week at OCC while working full time in a job where the employer is so appreciative of her work ethic, she is altering her work schedule to accommodate her class schedule. Another one of our moms enrolled her 3 year old son into a pre-k class and is trying to figure out how she will get him there in the morning, get herself to school on time and get her other two little ones ready for daycare. In conversation with her yesterday we learned she is ready for the 5:00 AM wake-up call to get all the wheels in motion because she is excited by her accomplishments and is ready to do more and learn more to continue improving her life. 

 Our work at Joseph''s House is multifaceted and this past Wednesday was proof of just that as we received an urgent phone message from our friends at 40 Days for Life who needed our help with a 19-year-old on her way for an abortion. We immediately invited her to Joseph’s House and spent some time with her. With the help of 40 Days for Life counselors and JH staff this young mom changed her mind for now, but she still needs our prayers so she will not be pressured by others to consider abortion again.

The next event was a first time ever event for us. We are thrilled to announce the celebration of welcoming one of our most accomplished residents into our first Joseph’s House transitional apartment. This has been a dream of ours since our third anniversary celebration on March 19th, 2017. The vision for this expansion of our Exodus program was shared that day and just 6 months later a man approached us after we spoke at Blessed Sacrament Church and mentioned he had apartments he would like to remodel for our moms when they leave us. As an added bonus and an answer to a prayer, these properties just happened to be right in our neighborhood! Nowhere in our words on that Sunday, did we mention our thoughts on transitional housing for moms close to our home and yet this man approached us offering his assistance. This is how Our Lord works in blessing all at Joseph's House.

One of our Exodus moms seeing her new apartment for the first time.

One of our Exodus moms seeing her new apartment for the first time.

To say this mom is excited and thrilled after working exceptionally hard over the last two years would be an understatement. She is overwhelmed by the adorableness of this small but efficient apartment and its proximity to our home. She was deeply touched by all the work done in the extensive remodeling by her new landlord, and the stocking of shelves and decorating by our Asst. Director for Exodus Sue Plemons, staff member Nicole Shadt and the students from St. Matthew’s in East Syracuse. 

If I had to choose three words to describe Joseph’s House they would be faith, family and love. They have educated us and given us the tools to be successful and self-sufficient women and mothers and during that process they have helped raise our kids with good family values and patience...Joseph’s House is a blessing and a true miracle to our kids and us moms
— Our newest Exodus mom

The progress this young woman has made in her nearly two years with us is remarkable. She was abused and battered when she came to us with no family in our area to help her. She was expecting her second child having no one to care for her son while she worked part-time in a warehouse job for less than minimum wage. She came to Joseph’s House and we quickly realized she had gifts and talents she was not aware of and were able to build up her confidence in her abilities through our life skills classes and the loving support of staff. The more she invested in herself, the more we invested in her future. The harder she worked for herself, the harder we worked for her. The more appreciative and helpful she was for others and for our program the further we went out on a limb for her. She has proven to us she is resilient, hard-working, a loving mother and is willing to sacrifice in order to excel in her life for herself and her children. As if all of this isn’t enough, she has come to understand when Our Lord is speaking to her in her heart and she is following His lead. We could not be prouder, more excited, more hopeful for her future and the future of Joseph’s House than we are right now! 

Another  highlight of the week was a fun night out for many at the New York State Fair. Chuck and Nancy Cometti once again invited all the moms, kids and staff from JH to join him and all their employees from Renewal by Anderson for a night of food and fun at the fair. Staff members along with seven moms, seven toddlers, three infants and two babies in waiting had a wonderful night of taking in the sights, smells, tastes and happenings of this annual event. The toddlers were amazed by the cows, goats and piglets. The moms reveled in the fresh air, the fun foods, stretching their legs and the camaraderie of sharing friendship and new experiences with one another. The most enduring memory for me will always be taking in how these moms and kids love, take care and enjoy one another and then realizing these young women and their children would have never known one another or any of us, if not for this home, if not for Joseph’s House.

We share all of this good news with you, our friends, our supporters, our prayer warriors so you might come to understand the power of your commitment as well as the power of Heaven in the continued blessings showered upon this mission of life, this mission of love. Thank you again for all you do for us and please spread the message of Joseph’s House far and wide so we might continue this life-saving work, this heavenly work for the Glory of the Kingdom of God.

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God Bless You My friends,

Love & Prayers,