Exodus: The Support for Sustained Success

Happy Sunday Everyone!

As summer keeps plugging along and the calendar keeps reminding us that autumn is around the corner with each passing week, we thought we'd take this week to take a step back and talk about our Exodus program.  If you've followed these weekly posts, you've undoubtedly read references to our Exodus Program.  So what is Exodus?

Exodus is the continued support system that will allow and ensure the continued, sustained success of the women and children that call Joseph's House home.  Exodus is what transforms Joseph's House from a loving home, to a family, to a community. The following strategic priority areas are ones that will help lead to the true sustained success and independence of our Joseph's House alums. 


Transitional Housing:

Throughout Exodus, we strive to provide a step down living arrangement that allows the moms and children more freedom than living at Joseph’s House but still provides the support necessary for our moms to achieve success.  Transitional Housing may include shared common living spaces, reduced rent, tenant responsibilities for maintenance beyond normal landlord tenant relationships and signed pledges/honor codes. The first Exodus Transitional Housing relationship is coming to fruition right now and we're hopeful our that our first Exodus mom will be moving into this transitional apartment in the coming weeks.

Continued Life Skills:

By continuing our life skills courses and routinely scheduled gatherings with our Exodus moms, they benefit from continued instruction on healthy parenting, financial literacy and budgeting, transitioning off public assistance, securing safe, affordable childcare, as well as job and skills training sessions.  More broadly, ongoing programming creates a supportive community environment where the alumni moms can rely upon each other, JH staff and volunteers to find strength to continue to thrive towards independence. Joseph's House has been blessed to receive a grant from the Berkshire Bank Foundation to specifically address financial literacy and health through these life skills classes.

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While some of our moms may begin working towards GEDs or equivalency during their time at Joseph’s House, they often require further instruction and tutoring to obtain their diplomas. Organizations like CNY Works, Inc., LeMoyne College, St. Joseph’s Hospital College of Nursing, Hillside Work Scholarship and OCC, among other organizations, provide continued education and vocational training which can assist the moms with furthering their education and leading them to brighter futures.

Through these partnerships, and in conjunctions with skills courses that are conducted at Joseph’s House, our moms can continue excelling in their employment by learning basic computer skills, accounting principles, professional etiquette and basic office skills allowing for additional employment opportunities.



Most women who come to Joseph’s House rely solely on public transportation. Assisting our residents with clearing past traffic infractions, obtaining learning permits, 5-hour courses, driving lessons and driving tests will vastly expand opportunities for childcare and employment. The Auer Family Foundation has also agreed with this very important need and had awarded us a grant to help achieve this goal.  This investment will dramatically transform the lives of our moms and children by removing so many limitations on their success. 

As you can see, the love and care we have for our moms and their children doesn't end when they transition out of our home.  We want to see them continue to succeed and reach their God given potential.  Through our investment in them and their future, we want to instill the confidence and belief that they are capable of great things. Through our love, the love that we emulate of Our Heavenly Father, they gain the self-worth to continue to better their lives.  

Have a wonderful week!

God bless you,