Finding Inner Peace


Happy Sunday My Friends!

This morning, as every morning the first thing I did after prayer was turn on EWTN. You may or may not be familiar with EWTN, but it is the world-wide Catholic television network founded by Mother Angelica and her twelve nuns with the $200 they had in savings. The first thing I saw on the television screen this morning was this:

Inner peace comes from knowing one is loved by God and then responding to His love
— St. Pope John Paul II


The thought immediately occurred to me “This is true!” as I know I had no inner peace in my life until I set out on the path to try and make Our Lord in Heaven my best friend. The next thought in my head was “I wish everyone knew this,” and then, “I hope we teach this to our moms at Joseph’s House.” And then I remembered some Facebook posts I saw recently from our alumni moms and I realized “Maybe we are teaching them that. Whew!”

So, what do our moms say in their Facebook posts? When they are mentoring to one another, little golden nuggets like this;

“Someone at Joseph’s House once told me when things get to be too much or I get stressed out or scared about anything to pray to God and say “Jesus, I surrender myself to you, take care of everything.” I have come to say this daily and then I step back and ask myself “What do I do with this situation?”, and at some point, not always immediately the answer comes to me in a gut feeling or the whole situation changes. I’ve learned to accept things that frustrate me and usually ruin my day, because what is happening usually is what I need to happen, so in the future I can handle a bigger problem that may be coming around the corner. I hope whatever is getting you down goes away.”

And just this week from one of our grateful moms, this gem;

“Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed, says the Lord” Isaiah 54:10

These moms have found inner peace as they center themselves in Christ. They are responding to this inner peace by sharing Christ with others and sharing their gratefulness with us. Moms once abused, surrounded by drugs and violence have come to realize they are loved by God and now have the capacity to teach their children and others the same truth. This is one of the abundant blessings of working in a ministry such as Joseph’s House. Most of the time we don’t even know we are teaching our moms anything. We are so conditioned to look at what we are doing wrong, what needs to be improved and putting out the day to day fires of life lived in community, we have no idea we are at times teaching and succeeding. Then we are blessed to see posts like this, or receive a thank you note from a mom, or have someone give us a grateful hug, and we know we are at least on the right track.

This all happens because we have come to understand we are loved by God, and His love allows us to love others. Through His love we are given the inner peace we need to see through the obstacles in our path knowing on just the other side of them there is a grace, a blessing, a solution we could never have found if we did not first have this problem. We then realize the gift this problem brought to us and see how it has made our faith grow and we remember again we are truly wrapped in His Merciful Cloak of Love. Inner peace has nothing to do with ourselves, it has nothing to do with being centered in ourselves or even loving ourselves, it has to do with understanding WE ARE LOVED BY GOD! As our parish priest Father Dunn said this week at mass on the Feast of St Thomas, “We are treasured by God.” Does that not boggle your mind and bring you to tears? The one and only Creator of the Universe LOVES YOU, He TREASURES YOU! This thought alone, of being treasured by Him, that He Holds Us in His Most Sacred Heart because we are special to Him, is enough to get me through the trials and tribulations of daily life. I pray it is for you as well.

As St. Augustine said, “Our hearts are restless Lord, until they rest in you.” We pray you have or will soon find the inner peace that comes from resting in God and basking in His love. Please pray all the moms and children of Joseph’s House find the same peace and love as well.  

God bless you my Friends,

Love and Prayers,