Kisses from Jesus

This post was originally written March 23rd, 2015


One very cold February morning just about a month ago, I was driving my grandson to school and there was the beautiful crystal blue morning sky we often see on frigid mornings. I looked up and saw an X in the clouds. There were streaks of clouds, perhaps from vapor trails, and where they crossed it appeared to look like the letter X. All of the sudden I said to Michael, "Do you see the X in the clouds?" He said "YES!" and I said, "Those are Kisses from Jesus!"  I'm not sure where those words came from, I had never heard them before, but it started a dialogue and a search for X's in the sky whenever we look towards heaven.

Today was a wonderful day in many respects and a terribly difficult day in others.  Before I left Joseph's House tonight I went to the Chapel to sigh to Jesus about the many dilemmas in my life and share with Him my aching heart. There was no reply, no little condolence, no sense of peace and I left the chapel rather dejected and feeling quite alone. My son called asking what was for dinner and that took my mind off the pity party I was experiencing and brought me back to reality.

As I began the drive home feeling rather hopeless, I looked up toward heaven and saw the sun going down into the western sky, and there they were, 3 huge X's in the clouds!!! Tears sprang to my eyes as I whispered "Thank you Jesus! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus!"

He will let you know He is with you at every moment, in the present moment, in many unexpected ways my dear friends, please look for Him everywhere, in the stars, in the clouds and in your hearts. In words of wisdom you may read, and in conversations you may share with those you know and those you don't.

Jesus is always there hoping and praying WE will take notice of HIM. That's how much He loves us!

Have a blessed night,

Love and Prayers,