Happy Father's Day

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It's been a busy couple weeks at Joseph's House.  This beautiful Father's Day weekend provides us a chance to reflect not only on our own fathers but on our patron- the foster father of Jesus Christ- St. Joseph.  I read something recently that talked about God's purposeful selection of St. Joseph as the earthly father to Jesus.  Out of all the people that God could have chosen to be the father to Jesus and the husband to Mary- He chose the unknown, humble carpenter from Nazareth. Not a courageous military leader, not an earthly king or leader, not a well known teacher- an unknown tradesman from a town in the middle of nowhere.

God, with his supreme creativity, could have orchestrated a host of other options for the earthly raising of the child Jesus. God could have chosen for Jesus to be born and raised by a single mother.  God could have sent Elizabeth to help Mary.  Think of the importance that St. Joseph played in the formative years of of the life of our Heavenly King? The first time Jesus called out to his Father- would have likely been to St. Joseph.  What type of man would God have chosen to fill such an important role? How could God have possibly chosen one who did not reflect the earthly embodiment of his own image of fatherhood? It's the image of love- the supreme love of the Father. If such a magnificent role was divinely selected for the unknown carpenter from Nazareth- think of the possibilities of God's plan for our lives? Or the lives of the innocent young children born to the women at Joseph's House?  St. Joseph! Pray for us!

On June 11, we held our 4th Annual Birdies for Babies Golf Tournament.  This event has become a premiere event for Joseph's House and seems to be growing in popularity and success every year.  This year a field of 136 golfers spent the most beautiful day at Skaneateles Country Club in fellowship with the fellow golfers and raising money and support for Joseph's House.  The day was capped off with a wonderful cocktail hour on the patio with panoramic views of Skaneateles Lake and a delicious dinner.  

This year, as a special treat, we were also able to bring all our residents out to enjoy the evening.  Nothing we can ever say can when we speak publicly about Joseph's House could ever replace seeing the beautiful smiling faces or the excited laughs of the children born into Joseph's House. The children had a lot of fun playing with our Junior Auxiliary high school volunteers and helping us pull raffle tickets for all our prizes.

The highlight of the evening was having one of our alumni Exodus moms join us to share a little bit of her story with our guests.  Aubrey lived at Joseph's House when she had her beautiful little boy Josiah.  She had been kicked out by her family.  Her child's father had left her when she was 7 months pregnant and, as she says below, the way she met Kitty and planned to move in "seemed like God had planned it." Aubrey started taking classes at Bryant and Stratton while she was a resident in 2016.  In March of this year, Aubrey graduated with an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice, has passed the Civil Servants exam and is on her way to becoming a City of Syracuse Police Officer. 

A few days after our Golf Tournament, two more of our Exodus moms walked across the graduation stage.  Both of these moms earned their high school equivalency diploma's while residing at Joseph's House and with the support and assistance of the Joseph's House staff. One had her beautiful daughter while residing at our home before moving out into our Exodus program, the other came to us very newly pregnant with her beautiful young son.  She moved out after reconciling with family a few months after she moved in and is set to have her child later this summer.  Both of these women have learned how to be good moms to their beautiful children, continued their education for better opportunities in their lives and have bright futures ahead of them!

They are the successes of the hard work, patience and prayers of so many involved at Joseph's House.  By showing them that God has a plan for their lives, and encouraging them to have faith in the path before them, we can help them achieve successes they could have never dreamed of.  All of this is of course thanks to the support and dedication of so many of our benefactors who continued to bless us with their support and provide us the means to continue to minister to so many in need in our community. 

From all of us at Joseph's House, Happy Father's Day.

God bless,