The Mercy of God


Happy Feast of Divine Mercy My Friends,

It’s been a quiet couple of weeks at Joseph’s House as everyone recovered from the plethora of Easter celebrations and came down from their sugar highs! We have 3 babies due very soon so there is a lot of impatient pacing going on throughout our home as well as some nesting activity. Our toddlers keep the house alive, noisy and give us many laughs throughout the day. Many are being potty-trained and strut around proudly with stickers of achievement as they babble in their adorable language of learning.

Saturday of this week Tearney’s Martial Arts held a self-defense seminar for women in their Camillus studio to benefit Joseph’s House. Twenty-four women sharpened their skills on punching bags and learned moves to help defend from those with bad intentions. $600 was raised at this event and we are forever grateful to Alexis Tearney, and her parents Judy and Hunchi Greg Tearney, for their time spent teaching protection skills to others to benefit our home. This is the second year this class has been held and those who attended both years said the refresher class today was very helpful in tuning up their punching and kicking techniques. Stay tuned for next year as Tearneys’s is now making this an annual event!

A few years ago, a Confirmation class visiting Joseph’s House asked me to sum up our mission is one word. The word that immediately came to mind was Mercy. Why “mercy” you might ask? It is because Joseph’s House would not exist but for the Mercy of God. The first mercy shown by Our Lord was to me, an extraordinary sinner, as He made it clear to me my past sins were forgiven. The second mercy was shown to my son as Our Lord saw fit to restore him to life. The third mercy shown was His mercy of hearing & answering ten years of prayer that brought together all the pieces, the people and the funds needed to build this mission commissioned by Jesus Christ.  The fourth mercy was and is the mercy Joseph’s House has for those who come to us from places of desperation and poverty, always hungry, afraid and alone.

“The Ocean of God’s Mercy is inexhaustible” according to St. Faustina Kowalska.  Two more revelations given to St. Faustina by Our Lord Jesus Christ were; we will be judged as we judge others, and there is a hell, and it’s easier to get into it than to stay out of it.

Yet Our Lord always gives us the opportunity to call on Him to restore us to grace, to swim in the depths of the ocean of His mercy. He offers us unending pardon and will be as merciful to us, as we are to others.  We are called to be trusting of His mercy, to be humble, to walk in the shoes of those standing empty before us and be the most tender, the most merciful hearts to all we encounter, just as Jesus is for us.

On this Divine Mercy Sunday let us ask for God’s Mercy trusting it is always available to us. Let us request this mercy not only for ourselves but also for those who have hurt us. Let us be as gracious to our enemies as we are to those we love, understanding God calls no one His enemy. He simply loves every person He created, no matter their mistakes, no matter their sin, no matter the blackness of their soul. Let us on this Feast Day of Divine Mercy, embark on a journey where we learn to do the same, to love and be merciful unconditionally, and remember always "Jesus I trust in you".

Special indulgences are available on this feast day of Our Lord’s never-ending compassion for His creation. Make the most of them!

Information on the Feast of Divine Mercy. 

Love and Prayers,