God's Divine Plan


Happy Spring My Friends!  Finally, the blue skies and sunshine are here!  A phenomenal day for all and a phenomenal week for Joseph’s House.

We are so abundantly blessed with this mission. It is difficult to comprehend the miracles and the blessings occurring every day through the intercession of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. I have a story to share with you concerning a problem we have been dealing with for more than a month.

One of our alumni moms has a 7-year-old with severe dental problems. The discomfort, pain and the fact he has lost a tooth to the dentist already has made him a bit squeamish and difficult when it comes to sitting in the dental chair. As if all of that is not enough, there aren’t any pediatric dentists in the area accepting this child’s insurance. His mom has taken him as far as Rochester trying to get his dental problems rectified. This week I called an oral surgeon I know for suggestions. While he can’t do the treatment needed, once he sees the child he can refer him to Upstate at Golisano’s Children's Hospital for care and, in that way cut down on some of the wait time. It seemed finally we had an answer.

On Thursday of this week we had students from CBA visit our home to help with our yard work. As they were leaving I was speaking with their peer leader who was deeply touched by our home, our story, and our mission. She offered assistance in any way she could mentioning she was a dentist who just left private practice and joined Upstate at Golisano’s Children’s Hospital so she could help kids. My eyes popped and I quickly explained our dilemma. All of a sudden there is no wait for this child. As soon as this dentist returns to work, our little Joseph’s House junior alumni will get the much-needed dental care required without delay. God is good my friends, and most especially responsive to prayers for Joseph’s House.

Another uplifting story to share this week comes via our moms still living at the house. On Wednesday I received this text from one of our residents.

“Kitty, I was wondering if there is some way you could ask all JH employees and all us moms to collect $251 for Monique. We could all chip in but I don’t know how to go about it. Can you help me? Her baby is coming soon and she will have 3 kids. She walks to the store & everywhere else.  She has no family, ONLY US!   Would like to get her a stroller for 3 kids at Walmart.”

The moms had a Baby Shower last evening for this mom. She came to us from New York City through the Sisters of Life. When she arrived here she had never been out of the city, knew no one and was afraid to get out of the car and come into the house. She has blossomed, is studying for her GED and is excited about her future for the first time in her life. Her third child will arrive on April 30th, likely being our 45th Joseph's House baby (our 44th is due this Thursday!) When she opened the envelope with the picture of the stroller she broke down and cried, and everyone in the room cried with her. These moms know they did something very special for someone who has never had anything special done for her before.

These moms come into our home not thinking or caring about anyone but themselves. They have had no one to look out for them or protect them. Many of them have been beaten within an inch of losing their lives. They have been verbally, physically and emotionally battered for years on end. For one of them, or all of them to come together for the good of another is an amazing accomplishment and shows first hand the love we give them is then given on to others. The graciousness we shower upon them they shower upon others. The hope we instill in them and they go on to instill in others.

You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.
— John 15:16

This quote came from my Magnificat today and made me realize Joseph’s House has been chosen to bear everlasting fruit for Our Lord Jesus Christ. We are called to be vessels filled with the Holy Spirit, well-versed in the Beatitudes and the Ten Commandments. We are to put Jesus Christ first in our lives so those who come to us learn to put Him first in theirs. We are to fill ourselves daily with the Bread of Life, Jesus Christ in His written word and in the Most Holy Eucharist as He is the Living Bread that fulfills our mission. In our reception of Him, we carry Him within us. He shines in our eyes and in our hearts. He is visible in our words and our actions and He is felt by all those moms and children we serve because He is Everlasting Life. He is with us in those He sends into our home as volunteers, as staff, as prayer warriors and as benefactors. The favor He shows this mission overcomes me to the point of falling to my knees and weeping because it is unequivocally true whatever we have asked in the name of Jesus, the Father has given to us.

Joseph’s House is so much more than a home. It is truly a place of God, a home filled with God Himself, day in and day out. You can see Him here, feel Him here, visit Him here and receive Him here. We ask for your prayers, we ask for your support, we ask for you to spread the word of this mission that has become much more than we ever thought it would be. Our Lord has made it clear to us we are to build something here that is ever-lasting. We are to build this mission of His into perpetuity. Our Lord Jesus Christ has entrusted us with a most magnificent vocation to fulfill His plan. Let us work hard, pray harder and let us never disappoint Him! Thank you, my friends for all you do for Joseph’s House. Enjoy the sunshine, safe travels and may God abundantly bless you always!

Love and Prayers,