The Love of God


Happy Sunday My Friends,

Another busy week as we welcome a new mom into our home along with her child in utero arriving at the end of May. That means we will have 4 new additions to the family by the beginning of June making us home to 7 moms, 10 kids and 4 infants. Yikes! We may need another house!


We had an exciting week with a mom receiving her GED and beginning a new job. Another mom had a new position created for her by her employer after an extremely successful internship. We also celebrated a first birthday party for a little beauty who will always call Joseph’s House her first home.

On another note, we have been busy interviewing for our open positions. The beauty of doing interviews now is people want to work for us. We have people competing for positions in our ministry. We never saw that coming! The number one reason people are excited by JH is because they are tired of not being able to speak out about their faith. They are hungry to share the teachings of Christ through their work and they are not allowed that free expression in their secular jobs. As you explain our mission to these applicants and show them the house, their eyes light up and they are filled with hope they might find a home with us. They send notes of thanks and tell us we are their number one choice for employment. Who knew? Our most gracious and loving Lord knew!


I often wonder what goes on in a board meeting between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit with Our Lady and St. Joseph about Joseph’s House. I can imagine the delight in their eyes as we continue to say yes to their inspirations, grow in exciting ways, save lives, change lives and continue to step out in faith. I can imagine St. Joseph saying, “I have a good connection with this person. I will get them to the house.” Or our Blessed Mother saying, “This person has a special devotion to me and is praying for this intention. I will lasso him through the Rosary and lead him to the website” or the Holy Spirit saying “I will have her bump into this person she doesn’t know at the grocery store and have them talk about JH so she learns about the mission and sends them a big donation!” etc. etc. etc. I could go on for hours here knowing how hard all the angels and saints along with this Most Holy Board are all working for us in Heaven!

We wear our hearts on our sleeves at Joseph’s House and our goal always, is to love as Our Lord and Savior loves. We are in love with Our Lord, in love with our faith, in love with every mom and child sent our way. We are in love with our mission and the people who staff, volunteer and support us. We are in love with our prayer warriors, our diocese, our priests and our parishes and all who allow us to share our miraculous story. We are continually awed and many days contemplate in dazed wonder the developments that lead to success and the people led to our door. People react to our showing of love in their actions, in their trust, in the ways they step out of their comfort zones to do their jobs, and to support our ministry all because they love this mission in return. Our love manifests itself in joy and because joy is like fly-paper, others are attracted and want to stick around!


We are grateful beyond words for all of you, for all those who share our story and mostly to Almighty God for being such a strong, compassionate, all knowing Founder and Director of the Board.  We are grateful for His answering of our prayers so we may grow His mission of life and love forever.

As our Easter Season continues, let us be the hope, the love, the joy of all of those we encounter in all areas of our lives. Let us step out in dumb-struck awe of the power and mercy of God and His most gracious love for all creation. Let us be humble and know our prayers will always be answered if we are faith-filled and courageous in all we do, as long as all we do is for the Glory of God and His Kingdom! Happy Easter again my friends, as the joy of Christ in His death and Resurrection in never-ending!  

Alleluia, Alleluia, He has Risen and you are loved, we are all loved. WOW!!!

Love and Prayers,