Spring Is Here!


Be sure to check out our updated events page to learn about the upcoming events of Joseph's House! Of particular note, Tearney's Martial Arts is hosting a self defense class fundraiser to help raise money for Joseph's House.  Learn more about this great and timely class and share with your friends!   

Happy Spring finally! At least it feels that way today and all the events at Joseph’s House this week certainly made us think of spring as well. The week kicked off with our four-year anniversary celebration, ushering in our fifth year of service to homeless, pregnant women and their children.  Many of our founders, board members, volunteers, prayer warriors and benefactors arrived to help us celebrate the continuation of God’s holy work of caring for his most innocent and vulnerable children.

Mid-week we traveled to Franciscan University of Steubenville where we met students interested in working with us in the future as missionaries in our home. We also made connections with staff and grad students at this great catholic university for future employment opportunities. The Nor’easter that missed Syracuse but hit Steubenville couldn’t dampen our spirits as we shared with many the history and miracles of Joseph’s House.

Friday evening our staff, moms and all the kiddos were guests of Lemoyne College for their 3rd Annual St. Joseph's Table Dinner for Women on campus where everyone was treated to an elegant dinner, one on one daycare for the children and acapella entertainment. This was a wonderful opportunity for our moms to relax and be entertained. There were even Arabic students who were able to converse in the native language of our mom from Palestine making her feel right at home. Everyone had a great time and we are most grateful to Father Dolan and all his students at Lemoyne for their hospitality!

Saturday afternoon the fun continued as a sorority from Syracuse University visited the house and did mini-makeovers with the moms. Face masks, lip scrubs and other epidermal delights were enjoyed by all the moms as well as a toddler or two. Thank you to the Evadne Chapter of Mu Sigma Epsilon Sorority for thinking of us and making our moms and little ones feel special & beautiful!

And finally, there was today! Our Annual Easter Egg Hunt took place at Joseph’s House where more than 30 moms and little ones gathered to visit their JH family, decorate cookies, dye eggs, enjoy lunch and then go exploring the first floor of the house for more than 150 eggs filled with goodies. All enjoyed visiting with old friends from the past and the most gratifying experience was watching the toddlers so excited to visit their little friends and realizing they remember all of us as well.

As if all of this isn’t enough good news, here is a story of our moms witnessing and mentoring to one another. This week we had an Exodus mom who has been struggling with some family issues. As most young people do, she aired her sorrows on social media and the responses of encouragement from her Joseph’s House sisters were overwhelming. Here is some advice sent her way from another Exodus mom:

“St. Michael will protect you and God loves you. He will never give you anything He thinks you can’t handle. Hold your Rosary and tell Him how you feel and He will set you free. Love you!”

This is what Joseph’s House is my friends, A place of solace, a place of hope, a place of spiritual, social and emotional growth. We are a home founded in and through Jesus Christ in Our Blessed Lady’s prayer of the Rosary. We look to our mentor St. Joseph daily for wisdom, knowledge and understanding of Our Lord’s ways. We will continue to grow and thrive only as long as we pray and give credit where credit is due, to Jesus, Mary and Joseph! I invite you to join us in that prayer, the prayer that will continue to allow us to save children and change lives.

As we enter Holy week and witness the suffering of Our Lord in His Passion, let us ponder the miracle of the conception of a child and remember, each and every child is created by the Hand of Almighty God. Each and every child is a gift from His Most Sacred Heart. Each and every child is conceived with God’s purpose for his life imprinted  deep within his soul. Each and every child has existed in the mind of Our Heavenly Father since before He created the heavens and the earth.

Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you, before you were born, I set you apart
— Jeremiah 1:5

Let us ponder the hurt caused to Our Lord in Heaven when He sees His creation snuffed out by fear. Fear of homelessness, fear of hunger, fear of being all alone. Let us ponder the suffering and fear of a young women despondent to the point where she might consider abortion. Let us pray she will be led to the safety of our home by St. Joseph, as he led Mary and Jesus through the desert to the safety of Egypt. Let us pray she will become a member of our family, of our community and will have the opportunity to witness first-hand the love of God in our home. Let us pray for blessings upon our staff, volunteers, prayer warriors and benefactors so the good works of our mission might continue into perpetuity.

A most sincere and heartfelt thank you to all of you, from the 43 newborn babies and all of their siblings as well as the more than 70 moms who have better lives and have found the love of Christ because of Joseph’s House and because of all of you! God Bless you my friends and know you are loved!

Love and Prayers,