Celebrating Four Years of Life

Four years ago tomorrow, the doors of Joseph's House officially opened ready to care for the most vulnerable of God's children, pregnant, homeless women and their children. All of what Joseph's House does would not be possible without faith and trust in God's hand at work in this mission.  Of course it also would not be possible without an incredibly dedicated staff, many of whom are celebrating four years of employment this week, a steadfast and strong Board of Directors, selfless volunteers and of course our many generous benefactors.

43 babies. in 48 months, 43 babies have been born that call Joseph's House their first home. Over 70 women have found refuge. Many of them came directly from living on the street, shelters or some of the most squalid conditions imaginable. A common refrain we hear is "I had no where else to go."  All of this is a result of your prayers, your time and your support.

A key to our success is our monthly Mass and prayer warriors group.  Msgr O'Brien, pastor of Pope John XXIII Church in Liverpool presides over our monthly Mass, usually the 3rd Friday of the month.  The whole atmosphere of the Mass is elevated even higher when all the children of the home are brought through for a blessing from Msgr. O'Brien, as seen below. The prayer warriors stay after mass to pray a litany of prayers, chaplets, and rosaries, all for the intentions of Joseph's House. If you'd like to be part of this wonderful and powerful group, please email us as we would love to have you! 

I'm happy to report that at four years, Joseph's House is stronger than ever.  From that position of strength, we are able to strategically grow and expand our organization. We are expanding and developing our Exodus program to help ensure long term success of our moms after they transition our of our home. The first informal get Exodus dinner took place this past week.  As you can see from the photo, the reunion of these women led to the most radiant smiles!

A few of our Exodus moms along with Sue Plemons, Assistant Director for Exodus

A few of our Exodus moms along with Sue Plemons, Assistant Director for Exodus

Joseph's House was fortunate enough to be featured in the most recent edition of the Catholic Sun. 

I'm humbled and grateful to be profiled and to have a little bit of my story told as part of the Joseph's House story. I would be most grateful if you could share this article with all your friends and encourage them to like our Facebook page.  We are planning on releasing some special videos to celebrate our 4th Anniversary this week so please do all you can to help share those with your family and friends!

It is an exciting time to be part of the Joseph's House Family.  The work being done in the House is working.  We are growing and strengthening so that we can serve more women and continue to help them achieve long-term success. What started as a house, became a home.  It developed into a family and is now transforming into a community. May God continue to bless this organization and continue to shed his grace upon all of us.

God bless you,