The Lost Sheep

lost sheep.jpg

This morning I had to call out a loved one on something. I hadn’t planned on it and after I did it, wasn’t sure I did the right thing. However, my spiritual director let me know it was the right thing to do and Our Lord showered blessings on a couple of his lost sheep through the use of my overactive mouth. I spoke calmly and with love wanting this most special person to understand sometimes we have to say "no" to everyone else, even our closest friends and family, when we are listening to God. My words could have alienated this person, but instead they produced a change of heart that made this person do something he had been saying "no" to for weeks. He made the decision to do the hard thing and please God rather than friends and acquaintances who feel he is indispensable. I have never been prouder and yet so deeply humbled, to witness clumsy words gifted by the Holy Spirit used as instruments to change someone’s direction, someone’s heart and hopefully someone’s soul.

There is not a shepherd other than Jesus who would leave 99 sheep alone to fend off enemies, while in search of one sheep lost. We are called to do the same. We are called to find the lost sheep and carry him home on our shoulders so he is as safe as all the others. We have to trust God will provide for the 99 left behind as we step out in love to do as Jesus would do. My loved one did something totally spontaneous today, and although he may not realize it, by changing his direction and doing the right thing, he trusted God to take care of those friends and acquaintances he left behind.

This brings me to the moms and children of Joseph’s House. We have 8 just now with 11 children and 3 more on the way. Most of them have little to no understanding that God wants to be their best friend. They are the lost sheep God is calling through their pain and despair. They may even be called through guilt, as I believe my loved one was this morning. Guilt, pain, suffering and despair can and will be used by Our Lord as a plaintive cry for attention, for a bidding to come to Him, so another lost sheep might be found.

God’s ways are not our ways. They are not always logical and although they may be thought foolish by even the most brilliant minds, they are always the right ways because they are His ways. With discernment built through a one on one relationship with Our Lord, everyone can be sure the Holy Spirit will show them God’s way for their lives.

At Joseph’s House we pave a path for our moms leading them to a relationship with God so they are able to discern His way, His plan, for their life.  We provide the teaching allowing a light to be lit in their souls which serves as a beacon to Jesus the Good Shepherd should they become lost, so he might find them and carry them on His shoulders returning them safely to the flock. The Angels rejoice in Heaven each time a lost soul returns to Christ. Our prayer is God will continue allowing Joseph’s House to be an instrument to change the directions, the hearts and hopefully the souls of all who come to call us home, and the Angels will rejoice in Heaven each time we welcome them into our family. There is not anything that would make us prouder or humble us more. 

God Bless you my friends,  
Love & Prayers,