On Forgiveness

Happy Sunday My Friends! Hope you have been enjoying this super weekend weather. This quote recently appeared in my readings. It seems to appear whenever the forgiveness held for others in my heart is at a low point and I must once again begin the healing process of letting go of my hurt and anger and searching for the beauty in the source of my agitation. Even those we have difficult relationships with, have beauty and goodness in their hearts and souls and when we search for those gifts, it is easier to forgive their shortcomings.

st. theresa.jpg
Forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness but because you deserve peace.
— St. Theresa of Calcutta

We have all experienced relationships in our lives where we were very close with someone only to lose them. The relationship may have been romantic, business related or a friendship where bonds are so very deep one feels a degree of love for the other person. Many times, these relationships end as one person hurts the other so deeply the pain seems insurmountable. It seems the more we love at times, the more likely we are to be hurt, and although everything in our pain screams out for justice, for vengeance, for retribution, we are called to turn the other cheek, forgive and somehow try to forget just as Jesus did during His Passion and as He does each time we approach Him in Reconciliation.

As you can imagine this is a tall order for the moms and children who call Joseph’s House home. Their stories of abuse, neglect and injury by those who are family and those they love the most, are excruciatingly difficult for them to share and for others to hear. There are times when the overwhelming pain and loneliness in their lives cause them to react in fits of anger, in relapses and in making poor choices. What these moms and their little ones have come to learn is Joseph’s House is there for them when these setbacks occur, to be the family they have never had and the loved ones who will forgive, forget, support and nurture them back to health, whether they are living with us or part of our extended family.

Our work at Joseph’s House is difficult, time-consuming and labor intensive as we strive to instill in these precious children of Jesus hearts stoked in forgiveness rather than hearts consumed by anger and vengeance. For all of us, forgiveness may ebb and flow and at times need to be renewed, refreshed and rebuilt. When we forgive faithfully we learn there is great joy and freedom in it as the mercy it spreads will bring us closer to Jesus and bring peace to our hearts. After all, who on earth ever had more to forgive and forget than Jesus? Certainly not you or me. Who are you overdue to forgive today?  Forgiveness embraced and practiced faithfully is a virtue that will lead us to Heaven, while bringing peace to our hearts. Let’s not waste any time!  This is a prayer to help you forgive. 

God Bless You My Friends,

Love and Prayers,