Would You Give Control to God?

Happy Monday My Friends,

It was a busy weekend for Joseph’s House! A fundraiser in Phoenix sponsored by Sheila Dion and her Lilla Rose business along with Jodi Frawley from Mary Kay and Tammy Lynch owner and operator of State Street Café was a blessing in many ways in meeting new people and receiving much needed items from our wish list.  

Sheila Dion.jpg

We also had  kickoffs of four baby bottle drives where our Junior Auxiliary student board took center stage speaking on behalf of Joseph’s House. Many thanks to Madison Prowak and Mairead McIntyre the co-founders of our Joseph’s House Junior Auxiliary board for speaking, along with Erin Byres who recently joined. It’s a great blessing to hear the praises of Joseph’s House being sung through our young people and these most generous business people in our area. They make our future and the futures of our moms and babies look bright!

Are you prepared for Lent? Have you thought about doing anything different this year or are you thinking of the great sacrifice of fasting from chocolate and coffee again? Would you consider giving up control, pride and ego for Lent? Those were the sacrifices of Jesus, Mary and Joseph for us. Have you ever thought about what Jesus gave up for you? He gave up His life & withstood the most grueling death known to man for us. Would you do that for a total stranger, for someone who spit on you? How about what His Mother Mary gave up for you? She lived for 33 years knowing and allowing Her Son to suffer and die so the gates of Heaven might be opened for you and me.  Would you give up your child so someone who slanders you or hates you could go to Heaven? How about Joseph? Joseph abstained from the procreative portion of his marriage his entire life. Is there anyone you would do that for? Would you even abstain for your spouse?  The sacrifices of Jesus, Mary and Joseph did not last 40 days, their Lents lasted their entire lives.  Think we can last for 40 days? Have you decided on more than chocolate and coffee yet?  

Here is a question, what could you relinquish control of for 40 days? Could you turn every decision you make over to Jesus for 40 days? Would you trust Him to run your business, to run your family, to run your entire life?  Would you consult Him before traveling, purchasing, turning on Netflix or playing on your tablet?  Jesus, Mary and Joseph did all of that and more, can we?  It sure would be life changing if we could!

One thing to consider to help in relinquishing control, is adding extra prayer to your life. If you really want the prayer to bring you closer to Jesus and humble your spirit, as well as enrich your heart, mind and soul, be sure the prayer includes meditating on the Passion of Our Lord. One way to do this is by saying the Divine Mercy Chaplet (which takes five minutes) while contemplating the mysteries from the Sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary. This combination of meditating on the Rosary while saying the Chaplet is powerful and easy. It is a great way to get through chopping vegetables, folding laundry, cleaning bathrooms and floors, driving to work or to get to sleep at night. It will bring you closer to Jesus and make it easier to relinquish control of your life to Him during Lent and each and every day of the year.

Another long, lost devotion that takes just a few minutes more, are the Stations of the Cross. Although you may not be able to get to a church to say the Stations daily during Lent there are many pocket handbooks you can pick up or you can do them right from your computer. 

I have already begun my Lenten sacrifices as a sort of warm up for the upcoming season. These few days are a primer and give me a little extra faith to bite the bullet and give it all to God. The extra days also give a little buffer should I mess up, which will probably happen sooner rather than later. I will pray for you this Lent my friends and ask you to pray for me and to pray especially for the moms and babies of Joseph’s House. God bless you this Lenten season!

Love & Prayers