October, The Month of Mary

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Happy Sunday My Friends,

It may be a bit damp and gloomy but the weather never gets us down at Joseph’s House. There is always an air of excitement in our home, always a new opportunity for someone’s life to be improved and changed and always the blessings of new people learning of our mission and falling in love with it.

This all happened again this week as another new mom and infant joined us from downstate and the Zone and District Managers from Chevrolet led by Natalie Taylor came to Joseph’s House to help us prepare our playground area for new equipment. This new equipment for our playground was provided through a grant from the Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation.

It was cold and rainy but this group of men and women from #teamchevy soldiered on through it all making remarkable progress in transforming an over-grown, rather barren landscape into a little secret garden of beauty and solitude for our little ones and our moms as well. We would like to extend our thanks to the Gaspirini Family and their landscaping company for their assistance in the procurement of needed materials to enhance this area and to volunteer Mary Burgoon who developed the idea and layout after spending time in our yard during volunteer hours in our daycare. As if all the outdoor work was not enough, other team members painted a dorm room for us and put away a number of heavy air conditioners. These volunteers were a God-send as we do not have the staff or the funds to take on all this work on our own. Thank you, Natalie and team for joining us and to Todd Caputo for sending you our way. You are all a blessing!

Our Lady of the Rosary

I would be remiss if I did not give a shout out to Our Blessed Mother on Her Feast Day today of the Most Holy Rosary. As many of you know the Rosary Prayer was the vehicle which carried this prodigal daughter back to the arms of Jesus through the intercession of Our Lady. Without the Rosary I am simply a lost soul on her way to hell. Without the Rosary there is simply not a Joseph’s House. The Rosary is the prayer my friends, that will lead you to meditate on the life of Jesus Christ through its mysteries.  As you meditate on these 20 mysteries, which are really bible stories, you will come to understand the depths of Christ’s sufferings. You will come to understand the depths of suffering and sacrifice of Our Blessed Mother. You will come to understand the times we are living in are not much different than the times of Jesus as the Pharisees and Sadducees of His day were as misguided as many believe our church leaders are today. The Rosary makes one understand the wisdom of God. It leads one to discern in the same way our Lord discerns. It leads one to a friendship with Jesus through an introduction to Him from His Mother. And what good, loving Jewish boy would reject a friend of His Mom’s ? What good Jewish boy would reject a request from His Mom on behalf of Her friend? Yes, friendship with Mary obtained through Her prayer of the Rosary gives us an EZ Pass to Jesus and an EZ Pass to Heaven! Be sure to join us on the highway to eternity through the vehicle of Mary’s Prayer, The Most Holy Rosary. It will change your life! God bless you my friends!

Love and Prayers,