All Hands On Deck!

All Hands on deck!.jpg

Happy Sunday My Friends!

That is the kind of October it has been at Joseph’s House! After kicking off four Baby Bottle Drives, hosting the Parade of Homes with Sciuga Builders, working with Team Chevy and Gaspirini Landscaping on our playground, preparing for our At Home With Joseph’s House, Our Gala in Your Home video and then the day to day activities of our home with six moms and 10 little ones, it has been busy to say the least and very much a full team effort tackling all the happenings.

This week there have been days with all our moms working or in school where we have a very full daycare. This is an area of our home we could not run without our volunteers and our dedicated staff.  This week we also hosted mass and dinner for the Syracuse Catholic Women’s Conference speakers and the Women’s Commission. This event required the help of all our moms who scrubbed, polished, dusted and shined all areas of our spacious home along with our staff and many volunteers as well. Furniture was moved, flowers were arranged and accouterments were added making our lovely home more spectacular than normal and giving everyone a sense of pride because of their hard work and contributions.

The mass and dinner that took place Friday evening were a celebration of reverence and companionship with humble, talented people on fire for Christ, our church and our mission. While we visited and shared our story with these wonderful folks, our moms and little ones enjoyed a night out at Billy Beez with more staff and volunteers.  Yesterday as we attended the Women’s Conference and heard the testimonies of the new friends met the night before, our moms and kids once again had a fun day out at Trunk or Treat at Holy Family Church once again with the assistance of more dedicated staff.

As if this wasn’t all enough we had parishioners from St. Mary’s in Skaneateles and students from Bishop Grimes drop off van loads of diapers, wipes, detergent and personal care items for our moms and little ones. As an added bonus, we had a visit from an Exodus mom who came bearing gifts of homemade soaps for all our moms and hand-written notes from her now 6-year-old daughter.


I thank God often for the people He has brought into my life because of this mission. There are moms and children as well as staff young enough to be my children and grandchildren whom I have come to love as family. There are many others as well, working as volunteers, working in parishes in our area, in other ministries, those who visit our home and support our mission I now consider friends and mentors. When I think about how many I have come to know, how many new friends have changed my life because of this work, I am taken to my knees in thanks and praise. I never knew before Joseph’s House how many truly good, selfless, God-loving people there are in our city and in our church. I am amazed by the depths of their faith, the depths of their compassion and the oceans of hope, faith and love radiating from them.

Such is the scope of this mission. Quite honestly a scope we could have never envisioned as we began this work. A scope that not only changes the lives of moms and babies but a scope also changing the lives of staff, of volunteers, of all those hearing our story of mercy and miracles. Joseph’s House is a mission not only requiring all hands-on-deck, but also a mission altering those hands, those minds and those hearts showing them first hand, the love of Christ.  It’s no wonder we are constantly joyful and joy-filled! Come visit us, join us and become part of our crew as a staff member, a volunteer, or as a supporter and experience the presence of Christ in our home and in your hearts. I can promise you, you will never regret it! God Bless you my friends!

Love and Prayers,