Mason, now four and a half years old, born in April 2014 our first Joseph’s House newborn baby!

Mason, now four and a half years old, born in April 2014 our first Joseph’s House newborn baby!

“Every October, the Catholic Church celebrates Respect Life month to honor God for creating all human life. We are reminded that every human life is made in God’s image and likeness and has infinite value and worth. Each of you, through your baptism, has been called to discipleship. You’ve been called to learn more about yourself and God, to celebrate the Sacraments, and to serve one another in love. When we do these things, we show God how much we value his gift of life.

— Lisa Hall, Director of Respect Life Ministry Diocese of Syracuse

Happy Sunday My Friends,

Beautiful words above from our friend Lisa Hall spoken at the Respect Life Mass this past Thursday at the Cathedral. Powerful words were spoken by Msgr. Yennock concerning the toll abortion has taken on our society. More than 60 million lives and souls lost because the law of our land says it is legal to kill the most innocent lives in the safest place they should ever know, the womb of their mother. More than 60 million lives lost because we do not understand every life is a gift from God.

At mass at Joseph’s House this past Friday, Msgr. O’Brien reminded us of this gift that is life. He reminded us Our Lord knows every hair on our head and has a unique plan for our lives that only we are able to fulfill. Each time we kill a child in the womb of his mother we alter God’s plan for our world and something good and special, something holy, and of God is lost.

Are not five sparrows sold for two small coins? Yet not one of them has escaped the notice of God. Even the hairs of your head have all been counted. Do not be afraid. You are worth more than many sparrows.”
— Luke 12:7

Joseph’s House is the antithesis of the law of our land. We are a place where any expectant mom can come with her children and find people supporting her decision to carry new life and bring their child into the world. We are a place where young lost souls, many of them once considering abortion, can find God’s unique calling for their lives so they may then help their children find theirs. We are a place where hopes and dreams once thought impossible come to fruition. We are a place surrounded and enveloped in the mercy of Christ for the good of His children.

We impart this good news to all who join us so they understand in every way the depth of God’s love for them and their children. This results in many accomplishments and much good news to share. Every mom in our home is either employed, interviewing or taking classes for their GED or classes at the college level. Our success stories are increasing, our transitional housing program is moving forward and the calls from those wanting to join us or open a home like ours are never-ending.

We have a mom working full-time, taking GED classes who just received her driver’s license because of our newly instituted driver’s ed program. We have a mom working full-time taking classes at OCC with a 90+ average, who’s older child will soon be entering outside daycare. This is the first step to transitioning out of our home and into transitional housing. We have a mom with a flair for cooking who fills our home with fragrant aromas warming our souls and tummies as the colder weather shares its’ chill. We have a mom who never believed she was capable of passing any high school exams doing so well in her classes her instructor told her she will be ready to take her equivalency exam in a few weeks. We have an Exodus mom who successfully passed her GED exam with flying colors after failing it several times before.

We are Joseph’s House and we exist to promote the sanctity of human life and the dignity of all women. We exist to help those who believe they are helpless and hopeless and show them the way to growing in confidence in themselves and envisioning new possibilities for their lives. We exist to make all our moms and children understand they are truly loved and cherished by God and by us. We exist to make them believe for the first time in their lives they are strong, they are capable and they are worthy of finding a good man who will love and respect them in the way God has ordered.

This is a life-affirming, life-giving, most inspiring place to work, volunteer and live. Our home comes with all the problems of a very large family, sometimes with the heartache of disappointments but more often with the joy of milestones achieved. We are blessed to witness our moms and their children blossom from the depths of despair to the heights God has planned for them. We are given each day in our home the opportunity to respect life, to save life and to renew life for all those calling Joseph’s House their home.

We invite you to join us in this most glorious adventure that is Joseph’s House through working with us, volunteering with us and or supporting us with a monetary gift. The possibilities are endless for your life and the sanctity of human life should you decide to join us! We hope to hear from you soon! God Bless you my friends!

Love & Prayers,