Patience & Love, Always Softens Hearts

Happy Glorious Sunday My Friends,

Our newest Joseph's House family member!

Our newest Joseph's House family member!

I will begin with a quote from one of our Joseph’s House Alumni to all her Facebook friends on Tuesday morning.  She posted a quote and wrote "I just heard the best quote and honestly it’s why I am here today."

It’s not about how hard you’ve been hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.

This young alumni mom’s post continued on to say, "Joseph’s House girls keep this in mind because you are worth it, you are worth every happiness you could ever dream or imagine!!! (and now my favorite part) Don’t let the bad in your life make you, let it build you into something great!”

And that’s just the beginning, there’s been more great quotes from alumni this week.

Thank you so very much, I love you and am beyond grateful for finding Joseph’s House and you giving me the strength to move back home.

And then just last evening, after a very difficult day, this,

You guys are amazing, thank you again, I really appreciate everything you have done for us.

You should all know not everyone leaves Joseph’s House under perfect circumstances. We have had to ask moms to leave a number of times because there can be a point where, without  their cooperation, we can no longer be of service to them. The last quote above was from one of those moms.  When she left nearly two years ago, we were not among her favorite people. She was at a standstill after spending nearly 18 months with us & was very unhappy with us when she left. Once out on her own however, she blossomed, she matured, she remembered some of what she had taken in while with us and completed her CNA. She now has a great job where she works nights at a wonderful senior center and is beloved by her patients and co-workers. She has reconciled with family and is supporting herself and her kids with their assistance. She has matured in ways I could have never imagined.  As you can probably surmise from last night’s quote, she has also reconciled with us, her Joseph’s House family. We are blessed!

Every time we have had a most difficult departure as we did yesterday, we have been graced by these young moms coming back to thank us, to apologize to us and to reconcile with us. I believe the reason for this is because we always treat them with respect and always in love and kindness. It can be difficult for staff when obscenities are being hurled at them as a young mom departs, but the lack of response to their anger on our part and the fact we return anger with patience and love, always softens hearts and usually diffuses intense situations. In this regard we give thanks and praise for all those who work with us for their gentle hearts that model the behaviors we pray all our moms always remember. One of the biggest lessons we all try to teach and model in our home, is that one does not have to respond emotionally to each and every situation or feeling they encounter.

We try to direct moms to DECIDE how they will react to unexpected situations & feelings. When they figure out what a groundbreaking change decision making is, versus reacting to feelings, a major shift occurs. Along with the quiet and calm exposed to them through rational decision making, an opening is created in their hearts where God can enter and show them a plan for their lives they had never before contemplated. Learning this decision making skill and securing the control needed to insure it, is a huge hurdle for most all of them as they have been immersed in drama since their conceptions in the wombs of their mothers. They have encountered it (drama) since their births, in their families, their living situations and in their everyday culture. We are blessed to have witnessed the change rational decision making provides in many of our moms and to behold the growth and maturity it yields. It is quite simply a monumental experience that helps provide the joy that is the foundation of our work.

Joseph’s House is always about forgiveness, no matter the sins of their pasts or the levels of betrayal. We are about teaching and modeling a way of life which is much like a foreign language to many. This means our work with these moms and their children, to truly succeed, needs to continue after their departure. We accomplish this through our Exodus program and by keeping in touch with as many of our moms as possible, so they come to understand they are loved by us always as they are loved though eternity by their Heavenly Father. We will always be there to continue teaching them, encourage them and support them in any way possible because that’s what family does, it is what Jesus does. We ask for your prayers for a very young mom and her little one who left us yesterday. She is not loving us at the moment as we love her, but our prayer is that very soon her lapsed love for her Joseph's House family will fill her heart once again. We will be waiting for her return home and to her family with open arms!

God Bless you my friends,

Love and prayers,