Sowing Seeds of Truth

Happy Sunday My Friends,

Another beautiful sunny Sunday in Syracuse! Hope you get outdoors to enjoy. Our home continues to be very busy. We are home to 8 moms 12 children, most of them toddlers, and have three little ones on the way. You might think it would be chaotic, however we are well staffed with volunteers, (we can always use a few more) and staff to take care of all these little rascals during the day while moms are busy at work, in school and in learning programs. All of our moms are out and about during the day extending their education and embracing opportunities that give them hope for an improved future caring for themselves and their children.

Some of our children greeting visitors at our daycare entrance.

Some of our children greeting visitors at our daycare entrance.

This past week our Life Skills program enjoyed a first! One of our former residents returned to present to our current moms all she has learned through her Joseph House experience, and speak about what living independently with multiple children has taught her. She spoke of everything from finances and saving money, to how to successfully extricate one’s self and stay away from abusive relationships. Our moms were transfixed by this success story and given much hope they may soon be living the same successful life as this Exodus mom. There is not anything more rewarding than witnessing our moms learning from peers who once resided in the same rooms they now occupy.  As you can imagine, this experience is quite a milestone in our Joseph’s House history. Our hope for the future includes many more alumni returning to share their stories in our life skills program, and perhaps one day, even as members of our staff! As everyone at Joseph’s House is well aware, All things are possible with God!

Speaking of Life Skills once again we were taken aback by the wisdom being infused into the minds of these young women through our home. I mentioned a week or two ago our moms’ interest being piqued by the Rosary, Our Blessed Mother, Her apparitions and stories of the Saints. St. Louis de Monforte, St. Maximillian Kobe, St. John Paul II, and St. Theresa of Calcutta, all have written the shortest way to Jesus, is through Mary, so the notion that Mary would lasso in these young women is not surprising. Simply put, as mentioned many times before, Mary, The Good Mother will always deposit us, Her Children, at the feet of Jesus. To see the wisdom of these most glorious saints unfold first-hand in our chapel is a gift beyond measure. This recurring gift presents itself each week as our moms begin to ask questions of leaders and staff, only to have them answered beautifully by their very own peers. Their heartfelt responses come with a light in their eyes and a radiance to their faces that only presents itself when the soul is being infused with truth, with hope and with love. We hear in their answers they have learned God will always give them what they need, sometimes even more than they need, though He may not give them what they want, simply because what they want is not what is best for them and He has something better in mind!

The hearts, minds and souls of these young moms and their children are the fertile soil where seeds are being planted for their future and the future of all those their lives may touch. Joseph’s House is there for them to teach them now and forever, if they should want or need us that long. We are family, always there with a soft shoulder and warm heart. Our expectations are high, but high expectations teach these moms how very capable they are and give them a blue print for raising their own most capable children in the future. 

The chaos in today’s world, in our country, in families and in the homes of many is the result of the restless hearts of people seeking truth. At Joseph’s House seeds of truth are being planted in the freshly tilled soil of hearts, minds and souls of young women. Young women born in the chaos, once without hope, once filled with despair, who now light up at the mention of  the Name of Jesus. Our prayer for our home, for all families, our country and our world is the truth learned in our home founded in God, will be passed far and wide, from generation to generation, so all will feel the tug of Jesus in their hearts, hear the voice of Jesus when He calls, and one day soon will all light up at the mention of His Most Holy Name, Jesus. 

God Bless you my friends and thank you for assisting in planting the seeds that continue to change lives two generations at a time!

Love & Prayers,