The Marian Spirituality of Joseph's House

Many of you know that Joseph's House began through the prayer of the Rosary. Mary's influence is embedded in the history of our mission. The biggest starting points and turning points in our story began at the foot of a Marian shrine. Dr. Scott Hahn in his book Hail Holy Queen states;

Evangelization is all about building up a family, and no one can belong to a family without honoring the family’s mother. …Mary plays an indispensable role in each of her children’s growth in holiness.”

Joseph's House is most certainly proof of this statement.

We have come to learn in our short history Joseph's House is more than simply a house. It is a loving home where we evangelize and share our faith. We do this in modeling behavior that is infused with calmness, compassion and hope. Our residents notice this demeanor and have often said "I want what you have". This is evangelization at a grass roots level, and we are able to share it with these young women and their children because of the goodness, graciousness of Our Lord in Heaven and those who volunteer, financially support and staff our mission.

The spirituality of Joseph’s House is undoubtedly Marian, and what could be better for us as a mission named for St. Joseph. As Joseph stood by and protected a very young girl carrying an unplanned child, so does he stand by and protect the young women carrying unplanned children at Joseph’s House. As Joseph must have prayed daily with the love of his life Mary, let us pray daily with the love of Our Mother in Heaven, the very same Mary.

The prayer of Joseph’s House is the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary and we are honored and humbled to share the stories of how this simple prayer has changed the course of our individual lives as well as the lives of all who come to know the beauty of Joseph’s House. We ask you to remember us in your daily rosary prayer.

Wishing you God’s Abundant Blessings