Prepare the Way of the Lord!


Hope all are enjoying the sunshine and are preparing for the Christmas season. Joseph’s House had a sensational kick off to the Christmas season this past weekend in the lovely home of one of our supporters. An intimate group treated to the testimony of one of our Joseph’s House Exodus moms, Ms. Ashley Trahan. Many gathered were hearing of the blessings of our mission for the first time, while other guests have been with us since our beginning. All in all, it was a festive event with great food and wonderful people. We are forever grateful to our most generous host and hostess for sharing the most gracious gift of welcoming us into their home.

Ashley was recently interviewed by the Syracuse Women's Magazine for the December Issue! It's on newsstands now so make sure you pick up a copy! You can also read her interview online.

Photo credit: Syracuse Women's Magazine

Photo credit: Syracuse Women's Magazine

Syracuse Women’s Magazine also featured an article written by Joseph’s House Board Member, Amy Caputo about her online charity Give To Others. This is a wonderful, free resource connecting local not for profits with items they may need donated by people who no longer need those gently used items in their homes and offices.

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Our beautiful home is ready for Christmas too, thanks to the time and talents shared with us yesterday by the Immaculate Conception Confirmation students as well as our Joseph’s House Junior Auxiliary members. Ten young people led by Bridget Flanagan of IC and our very own House Manager Sue Plemons spent the morning hauling and decorating three beautiful trees in our home. We are forever grateful for their youthful exuberance and strong, young muscles that did  the heavy lifting for us, not to mention their artistic talents. Joseph’s House is truly a community effort that includes volunteers from the ages of 12 to more than 70 years of age. If you have some time or talent to share with us please visit our website and fill out a volunteer form and see where you might be best able to assist our moms and babies. We would love to have you!

I believe all of us are familiar with the term GPS or Global Positioning Systems. Yesterday in a homily on EWTN by my favorite EWTN priest Father Anthony, he spoke of a Benedictine nun who says GPS stands for God’s Positioning System.

Those letters encompassing that phrase most certainly open up a new train of thought. God’s Positioning System is alive and well in each one of us as it is what gives our lives purpose. It is the center of our being. It is the empty space work, fame, fortune, partying, cars, boats, trips, designer clothing and lavish homes cannot fill. God’s Positioning System is our core. It is our center. It is our heart, soul & mind as we are truly made in the image and likeness of God. Most of our lives are spent trying to be so many things to so many people when we are only meant to be everything to God.

Pride and ego are the roadblocks in our lives that take us off course and divert our attention. They are the sins that keep us most distant from God and cause our GPS to become confused and misdirected.  Pride and ego are the result of original sin and since we are created with these tendencies at our conception, they are most difficult to tame. The only real way to tame them is to turn our will totally over to God’s will for us. To have Him control every decision we make from morning till night. When we figure out this secret, that should not be a secret at all, our lives change and we get back on course. Not our own course but God’s course for us. God’s course that will position us so we will spend eternity with Him in Heaven.  I can tell you my husband is elated I figured this out as it has saved him lots of money! I now ask God when shopping if I should make a purchase and most of the time I realize the answer is “NO.” “NO” is a word I hear often from my husband and Our Lord and is one thing they have in common. 

Our God-given course will be filled with wrong turns and detours. There will be delays along the way, but as long as we are focused on our final destination we will always find our way as God will lead us to His center, which is our center and will fulfill every desire held deep within our hearts. We can’t do it without Him so let us all begin this Advent Season with setting our GPS in a new direction, God’s direction, the direction filled with surprises that will always take us home to Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! God Bless you my friends!

Love and Prayers,